How old is June cotton?

How old is June cotton?

94 years (February 16, 1927)
June Brown/Age

When did dot leave EastEnders?

In fact, Brown quit the soap in 1993 over the decision to axe co-star Peter Dean. She later returned in 1997 where she remained on screen until 2012 when she took a six month break to write her memoirs.

Is Dot Cotton Still Alice?

Well, Dot is alive for now at least! After her final appearance on-screen last year, Brown revealed on the podcast Distinct Nostalgia that she would “never” return to EastEnders. “I don’t want a retainer for EastEnders, I’ve left, I’ve left for good,” she revealed. “I’ve sent her off to Ireland where she’ll stay.

Why did DOT leave EastEnders?

EASTENDERS fans have been left fearing that Dot Branning will die after leaving a dramatic goodbye message for Sonia following her shock departure. The Walford legend – played by actress June Brown – left the square for Ireland after believing that Martin Fowler had swiped her savings.

Did Nick Cotton have a son?

Ashley Cotton
Nick Cotton/Sons

What happened to Dot Cotton in line of duty?

Dot’s criminal doings were thankfully put to an end in the series’ explosive, feature-length finale. Armed, he attempts to escape AC-12, with Kate Fleming (Vicky McClure) in hot pursuit. Despite almost escaping, Dot lost his life jumping in the way of a gangster to prevent Kate from being shot.

Did Dot die?

Line of Duty series 3 episode 6 recap: Dot dies and Steve is cleared in thrilling episode.

Will Dot come back to EastEnders?

I will never go back.” An EastEnders spokesman said at the time: “We never discuss artists’ contracts, however as far as EastEnders are concerned the door remains open for June, as it always has if the story arises and if June wishes to take part.”

Did Dot kill Nick Cotton?

During his final moments, Nick reveals to Dot that he was responsible for Reg Cox’s death in 1985. Dot confesses to killing Nick and is taken away by police. His body is removed from the house the following day.

Does Dot Cotton still smoke?

The actress, 93, has spent the past 70 years puffing about 20 cigarettes a day, according to her on-screen son John Altman. Now June – who played Dot Cotton on the BBC soap for 35 years – is back on half a pack a day on the advice of her doctors after trying and failing to quit last year.

Is Nick Cotton dead?

Later, Dot finds Nick unconscious but he regains consciousness briefly. During his final moments, Nick reveals to Dot that he was responsible for Reg Cox’s death in 1985. Nick dies in Dot’s arms, in the same location that Reg was discovered thirty years prior.

How did Ashley Cotton die?

motorbike crash
Ashley Cotton made his first appearance on 29 July 1993. He is portrayed by Rossi Higgins (1993) and Frankie Fitzgerald (2000–01). He was the son of Nick Cotton and Zoe Newton. He dies after getting into a motorbike crash in a bike tampered with by his father Nick.

Is the actress who plays Dot still in EastEnders?

She is one of the BBC soap’s longest-running characters and has become a firm favourite with viewers. Her character Dot has not been in an episode since January. An EastEnders spokesman said the “door remains open”.

Who was the original Dot Cotton in EastEnders?

Brown was recommended to producers for the role of Dot Cotton in EastEnders by one of its original cast members, Leslie Grantham, who played Den Watts. Brown has played the role since 1985, with a break between 1993 and 1997.

How old is the actress who plays Dot Cotton?

Read more about sharing. Veteran EastEnders actress June Brown has said she has left her role as much-loved character Dot Cotton after 35 years. “I’ve left for good,” said the 93-year-old in an interview with podcast Distinct Nostalgia. She is one of the BBC soap’s longest-running characters and has become a firm favourite with viewers.

Who was Dot Branning’s boyfriend in EastEnders in 1993?

In 1993, Nick’s girlfriend Zoe Newton arrives in Walford and introduces Dot to their nine-year-old son, Ashley Cotton (Rossi Higgins). Dot becomes close to Ashley and eventually Zoe asks her to move to Gravesend with them.