How to repair a Colt 1877 Lightning revolver?

How to repair a Colt 1877 Lightning revolver?

Please try again later. This set of 3 videos shows replacement of the colt model 1877 lightning revolver’s trigger spring and trigger roller. This repair is done by a non-gunsmith who has little to no experience working on revolvers. The repair job is successful. I hope this helps others who have the same problem. Loading…

What was the manual for the Colt 1877?

I happened across a service manual I purchased years ago entitled Troubleshooting the Colt Lightning–Model 1877 Double Action Revolver by Clifford W. Mills. This ended up being the only source manual I could get my hands on to get me up to speed on the 1877 design.

What to do when a Colt M1877 breaks down?

The M1877 breaks down like most single action revolvers. Remove the cylinder and cylinder pin first, remove the grips, back strap, mainspring, then the trigger guard, and you are in the gun. The revolver was very dirty and sticky and needed a deep cleaning.

Is there a Colt 1877 double action revolver?

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When was the Colt Lightning 38 caliber made?

38 caliber revolver. Manufactured in 1900. This is a very fine Lightning with 95% case colors and 93-95% bright original blue. Grips are perfect. Trigger and back of hammer have lustrous fire blue. There are some tiny dings behind front sight and some very light at the end of the cylinder from shooting.

How big is the barrel of a Colt 1877 Lightning?

A fine Colt Lightning! Colt 1877 revolver with English Pall Mall Colt address on barrel. Barrel length is 4.5ā€. Barrel is acid etched “Colt D.A. .38”. Bore is perfect and action works perfectly. Grips are checkered rosewood and are excellent. Gun has approximately 90% plus original blue.

What kind of gun is the Colt Lightning?

Colt Metropolitan Police (Wash- D-C.) Lightning .38 Long Colt caliber revolver. Backstrap very nicely inscribed ā€œ Metropolitan Police Dept .D.Cā€ Bore is excellent, action works perfectly. Gun has 93-95% original factory nickle. No buggered screws.