Is the Remington Sportsman the same as the Browning A5?

Is the Remington Sportsman the same as the Browning A5?

While of very similar design, your Remington Sportsman (Model 11) is in fact different from the Browning A-5 — and your shotgun was made in thwe USA. To the best of my knowledge, very few semi-auto shotguns have really achieved “Collector Status.”

What kind of gun was the Remington Sportsman?

By definition, “The Sportsman” was a three-shot version of the five-shot Model 11. During some periods of their manufacture, the Model 11 and “The Sportsman” were stamped “Browning’s Patents”.

When did the Remington 12 gauge gun come out?

Remington Arms Co. introduced their 12-gauge, five-shot, John M. Browning designed, “Remington Autoloading Gun” in 1905. The company name was changed to Remington Arms – Union Metallic Cartridge Co. in 1911. Shortly after that Rem-UMC began calling that gun the Model No. 11.

What kind of shotgun is a Browning sportsman?

Overall, The Sportsman is quite the handsome shotgun, and looks just as nice as modern offerings. The idea of any sort of engraving and high polish finish on what is supposed to be a budget shotgun seems like an alien concept these days, but was par for the course back then. Browning’s original Auto 5 was a technological quantum leap.

When did the Remington Sportsman 12 gauge shotgun come out?

It was marketed as having the same features and quality of a regular Model 11, but with a lower price, and the convenience of not requiring a hunter to install a plug for hunting fowl. After the 20-gauge version began selling well, 12 and 16 gauge variants of The Sportsman were offered in 1931.

What kind of shotgun is Browning Auto 5?

From left to right: Early Remington Model 11 12-gauge with the original style safety, later Remington Model 11 in 20-gauge, Browning Auto 5 in 12-gauge magnum, and a Browning Auto 5 in 20-gauge. photo from A semiautomatic shotgun presented Browning with a unique challenge.

When was the Browning A5 12 ga made?

12 ga. A5 or Auto-5 The Browning A5 or Auto-5 was patented in 1900. FN began production in Belgum in 1902.

When did the Browning Model 11 go to Remington?

Remington turned the gun down and Browning went to FN in Belgium, which would produce the gun until 1975. Browning also licensed his gun to Remington, which produced it as the Model 11 from 1905 to 1947. After his death the design was also licensed to Savage, which called it the Model 720 and made it from 1930 to 1949.

What kind of gauge is a Browning 16 gauge?

The Gentleman’s Gauge is considered by many sportsmen to be the ideal gauge for the pe… (read more) Browning A5 16 Gauge 1939 pre-war very nice! This is a 1939 made Browning A5 16 Gauge. It is a 2 3/4in gun with 28in Mod rare for its age solid rib barrel.

Is the Browning A5 Sweet 16 a semi automatic?

This new Browning A5 Sweet 16 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in the 16 gauge shell. This gun features a 28″ barrel and a blued finish. Comes with box, hardcase, lock, manual… (read more)

When did Remington change the bird on the Sportsman?

“The Sportsman” had a three-bird roll-stamping on each side of the receiver. In 1934 DuPont acquired controlling interest of Remington Arms Co., Inc. In 1937, Remington reduced the roll-stamping on “The Sportsman” the bird on each side and started putting the roll-stamping on Model 11 receivers as well.

What’s the name of the Remington Model 11 Shotgun?

Known by several names, the variant evaluated is a three-shot version of the Remington Model 11, known as The Sportsman. Modern A5’s share only their appearance with originals. (Photo by Jim Grant)

When did the Remington Sportsman shotgun come out?

When first offered in 1930, The Sportsman is only available in 20 gauge; its big selling point was the lower price and two round capacity for migratory fowl hunting. Regular Model 11s have a five-shot capacity, and thus needed to be plugged.

Is there a Remington shotgun like a car?

A shotgun isn’t like a car, in that most of the older Remington Sportsmen are probably still out there in somebody’s closet, and have only been put aside in favor of more “modern” firearms that really aren’t any “better”. From time to time you’ll see one for sale, and it takes a really prefect example to bring even three hundred dollars.

Are there parts for a Remington Model 12?

The Remington Model 12 parts offers are everything that you might need to complete your latest repair or restoration of this popular pump-action .22 rifle. Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA. Shipment prohibited outside USA.

How do you disassemble a Sportsman 48 rifle?

Disassembling a classic Sportsman 48 rifle is easy but may require a bit extra gun oil and muscle to get the old parts separated. Pull back the action lever several times to discharge any unused shells from the chamber, and visually inspect inside the chamber to make sure the firearm is unloaded. Leave the action lever open.