What are the search conditions for content search?

What are the search conditions for content search?

Keyword queries and search conditions for Content Search and eDiscovery 1 Searchable contact properties. The following table lists the contact properties that are indexed and that you can search for using Content Search. 2 Searchable sensitive data types. 3 Search operators. 4 Search conditions. …

How to search a word from within the document but without?

I searched for the word ‘house’. It does NOT occur in any filename, but there are two documents that contain ‘house’ in their text. Perhaps you need to allow Windows Search to index the folder you want to search. See

Can you search for an email with an empty subject line?

When searching email properties, it’s not possible to search for items in which the specified property is empty or blank. For example, using the property:value pair of subject:”” to search for email messages with an empty subject line will return zero results. This also applies when searching site and contact properties.

How to search for search conditions in SharePoint?

Using Boolean search operators, search conditions, and other search query techniques to refine your search results. Searching for sensitive data types and custom sensitive data types in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. Searching for site content that’s shared with users outside of your organization

How are search results used to answer questions?

“Using search results to evaluate the different semantic interpretations, other data sources such as click-through data, user-specific data, and others that are utilized when producing the search results are taken into account without the need to perform additional analysis.”

Why is it important to search only the main parts of an article?

This is because the library databases look for the exact words that you enter in the search box (es). If the database can’t find all of the words that you entered in the search boxes in the information about an article, it won’t bring back any results. That’s why it’s important to search only for the main parts of your topic.

How does a search engine test a query?

The search engines will test whether their understanding of an intent is correct by placing a result within an applicable layout and seeing what users do. In our context above, if a possible intent of the query “what’s the weather like” is that I’m looking for an answer to a question, they will test that assumption.

Is it possible to use full text search with LINQ?

No, full text searching is something very specific to sql server (in which text is indexed by words, and queries hit this index versus traversing a character array). Linq does not support this, any .Contains () calls will hit the un-managed string functions but will not benefit from indexing.