What happened to the 222 Remington?

What happened to the 222 Remington?

The . 222 Rem. ruled over benchrest competition until the 1970s when it and the 6×47 mm were replaced by the 6 mm PPC. In the varmint fields it eventually lost out to the .

Is a 222 good for deer?

.222 for Deer 222 Remington is a fine cartridge for whitetails if you: 1. Don’t take a running shot! 2.

Is a 222 good for coyotes?

222 is a good choice and plenty for coyotes out to around 250 yards or so.

Can you kill deer with a 222?

.222 for Deer 222 Remington is a fine cartridge for whitetails if you: 1. Don’t take a running shot!

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When did Remington make the.222 Remington Magnum?

When the US military was looking for a new smallbore rifle cartridge, Remington started with the .222 Remington, and stretched it to increase powder capacity by about 20% in 1958 to make the .222 Remington Magnum. The greater powder capacity put the velocities between the standard .222 Remington and the .22-250.

Which is the cheapest remington.222 soft point bullet?

The shooter must always expect gradual disintegration of any conventional .222 bullet during penetration. Currently, the cheapest conventional projectiles for the .222 are the 50 to 55 grain soft point bullets produced by Hornady and Remington.

What’s the maximum weight for a Remington 222?

Regarding game weights, the .222 is best utilized on game weighing less than 40kg (90lb) and up to 60kg (130lb) as a maximum. This cartridge can indeed be used for neck shooting heavier animals up to 120kg (260lb) but only female animals. On male deer during the rut or roar, the neck becomes too swollen for the .222 to produce an effective wound.

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Where is the best place to shoot a.222 Remington?

This is the largest target area for the .222. The meat saver is taken behind the foreleg, allowing the bullet to enter without blowing up on the shoulder or ruining the meat. The more this shot is angled into the forward chest cavity, the faster the kill. Deer shot with the rear lung/meat saver shot usually move off a little way.