What is an ATF form 23?

What is an ATF form 23?

This form provides notification of the maker or transferee’s intent to make or acquire and possess a National Firearms Act (NFA) firearm. No action on your part is required.

How long does it take for ATF form 1 to be approved?

A: The approval process for a Form 1 is anywhere from a few days to a few months depending on whether the Form 1 was filed electronically or by paper. A form 1 filed electronically is typically approved in a few days whereas a Form 1 application by paper is typically a few months.

What is a responsible person ATF?

Responsible Person Defined A Responsible Person (RP) is someone who has the authority and power to direct firearm compliance decisions and operations for an FFL. This means that they are the ultimate person (or one of the persons) responsible for ATF Compliance of the FFL.

What is Cleo ATF?

CLEO [Chief Law Enforcement Officer] Notification Requirements for ATF Paperwork. This paperwork is located within the ATF paperwork that you are filling out. The CLEO paperwork is designated as the “CLEO Copy”.

What is a ATF Form 5?

This form is used to apply the tax-exempt transfer of an unserviceable (welded) firearm to anyone other than a federal firearms licensee who has paid the required special (occupational) tax to deal in National Firearms Act (NFA) firearms and to or from government agencies.

What is an ATF gun trust?

An NFA Gun Trust is a legal instrument with the capability of owning an NFA firearm. When an NFA Gun Trust is the lawful owner of an NFA weapon, multiple people may have access to or benefit from the use of an NFA firearm, whereas only the individual listed on the NFRTR may possess the firearm if owned individually.

How will I know when my form 4 is approved?

In order to get the status of your transfer from the ATF, you can call the NFA Branch directly at: (304) 616-4500. When you call, they will ask for your name (or the name of your trust or corporation), the serial number of the suppressor, and the name of the transferor.

Why does ATF take so long?

ATF Form 4 Wait Times This is likely due to the internal division of labor in the ATF and the fact that most NFA items transfer on trusts. Right now, expect any form 4 application to take between about 250-370 days to process and an e-filed Form 1 to take about a month.

What is an ATF Form 6?

ATF Form 6. Application and Permit for Importation of Firearms, Ammunition and Implements of War. This is the form generally needed to import firearms, ammunition and other defense articles into the United States.

Who qualifies as Cleo?

The Chief Law Enforcement Officer Isn’t Necessarily the Sheriff. For customers who live within their city’s limits, the chief of police can sign the back of your Form 4. The term CLEO is referring to the officer who has authority over your jurisdiction, thus why your chief of police is applicable in this situation.

What is a Cleo certification?

Tested and certified, Cleo solutions enable customers to comply with constantly evolving regulations by promoting rich governance in compliance processes and frameworks that support a wide variety of industry mandates. …

What is an ATF form 6?

When to use ATF Form 5320.23 responsible person?

The ATF Form 5320.23 – Responsible Person Questionnaire form is to be used in conjunction with the ATF Form 1, ATF Form 4, and the ATF Form 5, if you are applying for a tax stamp with a NFA Gun Trust. You can find our walk-through guides for these forms below.

How to fill out the ATF Form 23?

Commonly referred to ATF Form 23. 1. Form Type. Select Form 1, Form 4 or Form 5 depending on the type of form you are submitting to the ATF. 2. Name and Address of Applicant or Transferee. Enter the Trust Name and address from the Form 1, 4, or 5.

Where can I get a copy of my ATF Form?

The ATF copy of the form, with fingerprints on Form FD-258 and photograph, will be submitted with the ATF Form 1, 4, or 5 (to the address shown on the specific form) and the other copy will be directed to the responsible person’s chief law enforcement officer. Please read all instructions on this form before submitting it to ATF.

How do you file a trust with the ATF?

1. Form Type. Select Form 1, Form 4 or Form 5 depending on the type of form you are submitting to the ATF. 2. Name and Address of Applicant or Transferee. Enter the Trust Name and address from the Form 1, 4, or 5. 3a. Name and Home Address of Responsible Person. Your name and home address goes here. 3b. Telephone. Your telephone number goes here.