What is an EUE thread?

What is an EUE thread?

EUE (External Upset End) represents outside the thick end, EUB (External Upset Pin) denotes an outer thickened pin thread, EUB (External Upset Box) indicates external upset box thread.

What is BTC connection?

BTC type. It is designed to improve axial tensile or axial compressive load capacity and to provide leakage resistance performance. It is an excellent connection for use in well situations involving higher axial loads and moderate internal pressures and temperatures.

What is 8rd thread?

2017.04.28. The most common type of casing connection in use is the API 8-rd connection, where 8-rd means 8-round or eight threads per inch and a slightly rounded profile. The profile is a V or wedge-shape but slightly rounded at the crest and valleys of the threads. There is also an API 11.

What is an API thread?

Threads are used as mechanical means to assemble and hold the mating joints together during axial tension or compression. All casing threads are not designed or intended to be leak resistant when made up. Information on casing and tubing thread dimensions can be found in API Spec.

How many types of threads are there?

Six Most Common Types of Threads NPT/NPTF. BSPP (BSP, parallel) BSPT (BSP, tapered) metric parallel.

What is API 5B?

API 5B specifies the thread element gauges, instruments, and requirements for API thread inspection. It also governs the dimensions, tolerances, and marking requirements for all API threads, including threads on Line Pipe, Round Thread Casing, Round Thread Tubing, and Buttress Casing connections.

What are the advantages of Acme threads?

ACME Threads The main advantage to an ACME thread is a low number of threads per inch. This allows ACME threads to allow for increased linear actuation per turn of screw which is similar to a square thread. The difference between square threads and ACME threads is the angled root of the ACME thread.

What is API Spec Q1?

API Spec Q1 is a quality management standard for product manufacturers and is specifically geared toward the nuances of the oil and gas industry. API Spec Q1 meets many of the ISO 9001 requirements, plus additional elements deemed valuable by the oil and natural gas industry.

What is the thread compound for EUE tubing?

For proper lubrication and sealing, the joint requires thread compound as defined in API RP 5A3 . To improve the seal performance of API EUE tubing in high-pressure service, a grooved coupling, which accepts nonmetallic seal rings, is sometimes used in the coupling (see API Spec. 5CT SR 13 ).

Which is the best thread for hydraulic seal?

The best known and most widely used connection where the pipe thread provides both the mechanical joint and the hydraulic seal is the American National Pipe Tapered Thread, or NPT. NPT has a tapered male and female thread which seals with Teflon tape or jointing compound.

What are the threads on a non upset coupling pipe?

Non-Upset coupling (NU): no increase in diameter at the end of the pipe body, It is a called Non-Upset End (NUE). API threads have a taper of 6.25% and 8 to 10 threads per inch. They are triangular and rounded on top.

What does EUE stand for in tubing category?

API EUE = External Upset End tubing connections. The EUE joint has a designed joint strength in tension and pressure strength greater than that of the pipe body and, therefore, is considered a 100% joint efficient connection. For proper lubrication and sealing, the joint requires thread compound as defined in API RP 5A3 .