What kind of gun is Daisy Model 21?

What kind of gun is Daisy Model 21?

The Daisy Model 21 is a BB caliber, spring piston air rifle with two 50 shot spring fed magazines. The gun cocks with a break action just like a real double barrel shotgun.

Where can I buy Daisy BB gun parts?

If you own a Daisy BB gun, chances are you’ll need accessories and parts for your gun. Shop today for Daisy BB gun parts and accessories. Sign inCreate an account Gift Certificates Account Shopping Cart (0item) Your cart is empty Account Account Gift Certificates My Wish Lists Sign inor Create an account Free Shipping On Orders over $149

Is there a Daisy Model 25 shot tube?

Up for Auction is an original Daisy BB Gun Vintage Model 25 shot tube. The tube looks excellent and it comes from a 1950’s model 25. And it has all the pieces. The paint is good with no rust, the spring is strong, and the slide is smooth. The tube is tested and works well.

What was the trigger housing on a daisy 25?

Vintage Daisy Model 25 Trigger Housing with sights Really old Daisy 25 this part came off a working gun as guarenteed to work. Vintage Model 25 Daisy Pump Gun. Rear sight is partially missing. Operators manual is included Parts gun. Daisy model 25 missing bbl tube. Stock looks really good. bbl and receiver have surface rust. Doesn’t cock.

How much is a double barrel Daisy worth?

Yours truly, Michael Wendt – Owner. Went to the vallejo gun show and saw this mint condition double barrel daisy and offered 50 bucks for it. The dude laughed and showed me the airgun blue book. It’s worth 1000 bucks! He wanted full value but offered 300lbs of scrap lead to sweeten the deal.

Is the daisy 86 / 70 a good BB gun?

Daisy Model 86/70 BB Gun SKU 12120 This an early variant of the Daisy 86/70 BB gun pump cocking repeater with brown ABS pistol grip stock and forearm. Marked Rogers AR. The plastic stock is in good condition. This Model… Trigger Shoes anodized Black or Silver Alum.

Are there any Winchester Model 21’S that are missing?

Records for Model 21s built during 1930s may be missing. Special-order guns may have incomplete records. In such cases, a written appraisal from an authoritative collector or dealer may be helpful. When Winchester moved production of Model 21 into the Custom Shop, a number of styles were greatly reduced.