What was the caliber of the 1881 Marlin rifle?

What was the caliber of the 1881 Marlin rifle?

The Marlin/Burgess collaboration led to the huge Model 1881 Marlin, which originally was only available in the .45-70 military caliber and a special Marlin .40-60 cartridge, but by 1885 was also offered in .32-40, .38-55 and .45-85 calibers.

When did the Marlin Repeating Rifle come out?

By 1875, Marlin had taken over the manufacture of the Ballard single-shot rifle, another popular frontier longarm. With the intro-duction of the 1881 Model that year, Marlin quickly became one of America’s premier sporting repeating rifle producers.

Who are the best gunsmiths for Marlin rifles?

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Can a Marlin rifle be repaired at Midwest Gun Works?

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1881 Marlin Rifle chambered in 38-55 caliber and wearing an Octagon barrel. Gun was engraved by Al Kontout after it left the factory. Al Kontout is favorably mentioned in Larry Wilson’s B …Click for more info

When was the Marlin 1881 lever action made?

Marlin 1881 Lever action. SN is 178xx, made in 1888. This rifle is a 45/70 with a 28″ Octagon barrel. Good working order, lever is smooth as glass. Bore is pretty decent, strong rifling with no m …Click for more info

What’s the serial number of a 1889 Marlin rifle?

EXCEEDINGLY RARE 1889 .38-40 RIFLE WITH 30″ OCTAGON BARREL WITH FACTORY LETTER, ONLY 165 MADE IN THIS LENGTH. Serial number 83XXX has a Cody Firearms Museum letter stating that this .38 cal …Click for more info 1881 Marlin Thin Frame, 38-55.

How old is a Marlin Model 1893 MFD?

You have clicked on an iconic Marlin Model 1893 mfd. in 1906 chambered in cowboy delight, rare and desireable 38-55. This rifle is fantastic for a 115 year-old trail partner. The well care …Click for more info This 1881 Marlin is chambered for the 40-60 cartridge. Condition The metal retains a very large percentage of the original blue finish.