When was the first Savage Model 30 made?

When was the first Savage Model 30 made?

The Model 30 was first offered in 1959 and was discontinued in 1978. Left-hand 12-gauge models were introduced in 1960 as well. As for features, initially there were only two basic Model 30’s – both of which were available in LH (12-ga only) and RH versions.

What is the date on a Stevens Savage?

Those “date codes” for the Stevens/Savage Model 24’s are the same as those found on the Lever Boss Codes for the Model 99 Savage lever-action rifles. I have a Pump 22 that was my dad’s.

What’s the value of a Savage Arms shotgun?

Recently Sold SAVAGE ARMS shotgun Price Item Condition $116.00 OTHER MODEL SAVAGE ARMS / WESTPOINT 949 Used $525.00 SAVAGE ARMS-STEVENS STEVENS 555 20 GAUGE New Old Stock $275.00 20 GAUGE SAVAGE ARMS MODEL 67F .20G PUMP Used $170.00 320 FIELD GRADE SAVAGE ARMS STEVENS PUMP New

What’s the serial number on a savage rifle?

800,000-900,000 are very uncommon, only 502 99’s were made inbetween this serial range most of them starting with 835,XXX as the first three numbers. 968,000 stopped the 900’s and the move to Westfield Mass started the 1,000,000 serial range.


What kind of shotgun does Savage Company make?

Savage was one of the few American makers of affordable double-barrel shotguns including the Fox Sterlingworth, Fox Model B, and Stevens Model 311 and produced rifles and shotguns under house brand names for large store chains.

When did the Savage 110E 308 come out?

I bought a Savage 110E (308) brand new in 1978. The serial number is C46xxxx, so I think that confirms yours is probably mid 1970s. I believe that time period all the 110E stocks had a stamped checking on the hardwood stock, earlier models the stocks were smooth. .

When did the first Savage pocket gun come out?

Savage marketed a series of .32 and .380 caliber pocket pistols, the Models 1907, 1915, and 1917 based on the same patents as their .45 caliber prototype. Savage merged with the Driggs-Seabury Ordnance Company during World War I and produced Lewis machine guns at Driggs-Seabury’s former plant in Sharon, Pennsylvania.