Where do you find the Belgian mark on a gun?

Where do you find the Belgian mark on a gun?

This mark is found on guns that is not made in Belgium by countries that use proofs that is not recognized by the Belgian Proof House. The mark is applied after the gun has passed the Belgian proof. Double proof as prescribed by the French law of 1810. Black powder proof for rifles and shotguns. Can be without star and ring.

What is the license plate of the Prime Minister of Belgium?

The president of the Belgian Chamber of Representatives has licence plate “A1” (1st citizen of the Kingdom), the president of the Belgian Senate has “A2”, the prime minister has “A3”, and so on. White plate with black numbers and a Belgian flag on the left.

Can you get more information from a Belgian proof stamp?

But despite the history the belgian proof stamps are rather straight forward, normally one can’t get more information from the proof more than it has been done if one can’t find the inspectors mark.

What was the maximum service load for a Belgian shotgun?

Valid Type of Proof 1897-1903 Maximum service load for shotguns having Mark identifying the Belgian Proof House 1924-> Applied to all guns made but not proofed 1924-> Applied to all gun not made in Belgium b

Are there choke markings on a Belgian Browning?

As a matter of fact, for other lucky readers with Belgian Browning shotguns, here is the entire list of Browning choke markings. Remember, this is for the Belgian guns: Skeet = **$ (maybe Browning thought that skeet shooters had beau coup loot?)

Where can I find the serial number of a Belgian Browning?

Need some help Have a Browing Arms Made in Belgium with St Luis MO and Montreal PQ on barrel when trying to date this can not locate by serial number which starts with 69X where can I go to get more information on this gun?

What kind of stamp does a Belgian shotgun have?

Have a us arms Belgium, looking for info, reciever and barrel are stamped with 1563 has the circle elf star, has the Le peron, barrel ha a 33 stamp and an 18.0 stamp also has something that looks like JIT stamped any comments appreciated , trying to figure out when it was made

How much does a Belgian Sweet Sixteen shotgun cost?

As with any shotgun, the cost of sub-gauges escalates, particularly for light 16-gauge models. Belgian made Sweet Sixteens in great condition can sell for $2,500 or more with new-in-box models approaching $5,000.

When did the 12 Gauge Magnum come out?

A 32 inch fixed full choke 12-gauge Magnum upping the capability from 2 ¾ to 3 inch shells. The metal’s patina unveils the long barrel’s utility since its creation in 1958. When I pulled it out of the case the rubber butt pad had succumbed to dry rot, crumbling in on itself.

What kind of shotgun is in leather case?

Serial No. 41872 L/R NSW A 12g double barrel shotgun, 30 inch barrels marked I. Hollis & Sons, London on engraved rib, named engraved locks, plain open hammers, walnut stock with checkered pistol grip, horn butt cap, forestock with horn tip (some slivers). In leather case… A Flintlock 12G shotgun using early Forsythe method.

Are there any good guns made in Belgium?

The other side of the coin is that quality can indeed be there in Belgian guns: The Belgian Browning Superposed were all fine guns, while firms like Francotte, Dumoulin, or Lebeau-Courally could make guns of very high quality indeed. Thanks! Very helpfull once again.

Where is the chamber located in a gun barrel?

In most firearms (rifles, shotguns, machine guns and pistols), the chamber is an integral part of the barrel, often made by simply reaming the rear bore of a barrel blank, with a single chamber within a single barrel.