Where is the serial number located on a gun?

Where is the serial number located on a gun?

The serial number usually appears in more than one place on the pistol. The most important feature to look for is a script letter following or beneath the four-digit number, which is most often found on the vertical face of the locking block just below the point where the barrel joins the frame.

What’s the value of a Colt Detective Special?

What is a COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL pistol Worth? A COLT DETECTIVE SPECIAL pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,370.45 new and $880.48 used .

Is a Colt Detective Special?

The Colt Detective Special is a six-shot, carbon steel framed, 2″ barreled, double-action revolver, and the first example of a class of firearms known as “snubnose revolvers”….Colt Detective Special.

Detective Special
Length 63⁄4 in
Barrel length 2 inch, 3 inch
Cartridge .32 New Police .38 New Police .38 Special
Action Double-action

Where to find the serial number on a colt?

Were is the serial number located on my colt Police Positive… Vocational, Technical or Tra… I recently purchased a Colt .38 special CTG Police Positive.

When was the first Colt Trooper revolver made?

I bought a Trooper Sunday. The guy that sold it said it was manufactured in 1959. Proofhouse.com said it was manufactured in 1960 I think (I assume the serial number paired up with a year is the first serial number for that year and not the last serial number for that year.

What are the serial numbers of police pistols?

Officers Model Officers Model Special Official Police & Marshal Official Police Caliber .22 Pocket Positive Police Positive .22 Target Model G & C Police Positive Heavy Frame Police Positive Special Police Positive .32 & Target Police Positive .38 Python Trooper Trooper Model & .357 Model Colt Semi -Automatic Pistols top Ace .22

Where do the letters go on a Colt revolver?

At that time Colt started using letters as a prefix or suffix in the serial number. In these guns, the letter is part of the numbers. It’s stamped WITH the numbers, and in the same font, size, and depth as the numbers.