Can you buy a shorter barrel for a Mossberg 500?

Can you buy a shorter barrel for a Mossberg 500?

Yes, we do have this barrel available. Part #90015 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel, blue finish, Price $81.58 plus the shipping and handling $8.95. You can order thru us at 1-800-363-3555.

What barrels will fit a Mossberg 500?

Any 6-shot 500 barrel will work. The 8-shot models barrel lug are to far down the barrel, but they do make a 26″ Accu-Choke barrel for them also.

Are all Mossberg 500 barrels interchangeable?

All the solids are interchangeable within their capacities and all the cap tubes are interchangeable within their capacities. You can use a basic 500 solid screw mag tube on the Mav 88, the 500, the 5+1 Persuader etc. You can use the 835 cap tube mag and barrels on the 835, the 5+1 590a1, the 5+1 capped Cruiser etc.

Can you swap barrels on a Mossberg 500?

ALL Mossberg 500-type pump guns can use the same barrels. They’re only governed by the mag tube length and the barrel attach type. If yours is the 7+1 mag tube length and the 500 attach type, you’re stuck to the one 20″ barrel as is….but you can switch your mag tube to the 5+1 length and then use *all* 500 barrels.

Can a Mossberg 500 shoot slugs?

So, can you shoot slugs in a Mossberg 500? Yes, the Mossberg is certainly capable of shooting slugs. Rifled slugs act as though the barrel of your gun is rifled, even though it isn’t.

Can you put a Mossberg 500 barrel on a Maverick 88?

Maverick 88 pump-action models are fully-interchangeable with Mossberg 500 barrels (within gauge and capacity). The diverse selection of available accessory barrels allow shooters to adapt their Maverick 88 for multiple hunting or security purposes.

What’s the difference between a Mossberg 500 and 590?

What’s the difference between the Mossberg 500 and 590? The difference between the Mossberg 500 and 590 is that the Mossberg 500 has longer stock and shorter magazine tube, while the Mossberg 590 has a shorter stock but longer magazine tube.

Do you need a new Mossberg 500 barrel?

If you’re looking for the ideal Mossberg 500 barrel, make sure it fits your Mossberg shotgun perfectly. Regardless of whether you’re using it for hunting or home defense, you will enjoy the advantages of a new Mossberg barrel once you are able to find one that is a suitable replacement for the old, worn out barrel you may have now.

How big is the barrel on a Mossberg?

This barrel comes in a blued finish and is measured at 28 inches in length. Expect your Mossberg to be deadly accurate when you switch from your current barrel to this one. This barrel also has a beaded site that you can use to get a good aim on your shot with pinpoint accuracy.

Is the Mossberg 500 flex tool less system?

The Mossberg 500 FLEX Tool-less System (TLS) is one of the most technologically advanced shotgun models in the world. The TLS system allows each shooter to customize their shotgun for their exact purpose.

Which is better a slug or smoothbore Mossberg 500?

A slug works like a bullet, instead of the pattern caused by pellets. Mossberg 500 is available in slug and smoothbore barrel variants. A smoothbore is generally more versatile and also inexpensive. Plus, when coupled with interchangeable chokes.