How accurate is the MARLIN 39A?

How accurate is the MARLIN 39A?

39A accuracy Mine will do about an inch at 50 yards, but not anywhere near 1 inch at 100. The 39A is accurate and yours is a keeper for sure.

When did Marlin stop making 39A?

The Golden Mountie Model 39A was introduced in 1954. The 39A was produced until 1983 when the current Golden 39A was introduced. Changes between models were so minimal the rifle is considered to have been continually produced to the same basic specifications for over 100 years.

Do they still make MARLIN 39A?

Technically, the Model 39A is still in production. It is available from the Marlin custom shop, as the Model 39A Fancy for $3,495.

How many rounds does a MARLIN 39A hold?

Speaking of ammunition the 39A holds 19 rounds of . 22 long rifle which is a good number of rounds. It would feed any type of . 22 for a total of 26 rounds of “shorts”.

How much does a Marlin 22 lever-action rifle cost?

MARLIN 22 rifle PRICE AND HISTORICAL VALUE A MARLIN 22 rifle is currently worth an average price of $509.47 new and $425.44 used .

Has Marlin been sold?

Marlin Firearms Co. is an American manufacturer of semi-automatic, lever-action and bolt-action rifles. Remington produced Marlin-brand firearms at its Kentucky and New York manufacturing facilities. In 2020, Sturm, Ruger & Co. bought the company from bankrupt Remington Outdoor Company.

Does Marlin still make a 22 lever-action?

Marlin 39A Rimfire and lever-actions fans shed a tear when, in 2007, Marlin ceased production of what arguably is among the greatest . 22 rifles ever produced. (Technically the company does still make the 39A, however, it’s a custom order.)

Did Marlin Firearms go out of business?

What is the rarest Marlin rifle?

JM1363 RARE MARLIN 1888 RIFLE IN CALIBER 38 [A] JM1363 RARE MARLIN 1888 RIFLE; The Marlin 1888 rifle was only built for a couple of years with less than 5k produced. On top of being rare, this gun has a lot of condition. Most blue remains on all metal.

What is the magazine capacity of a Marlin Model 39A?

The Mountie has a magazine capacity of 20 Short, 16 Long or 15 Long Rifle .22 cartridges. Since the early 1950s Marlin has used their proprietary Micro-Groove rifling in the Model 39A. This rifling uses many small lands and grooves rather than 2, 4, or 6 deeper grooves used by the majority of rifle makers.

When did the Marlin 39A extractors come out?

In 1939 the 39A came onto the scene. As noted above depending on the year & possibly the model of your firearm, the extractors may be different. 3 different extractors were used in the 39A, depending on the vintage of the gun. The # A39A26/27 was used from 1913 to 1957, the # A39A-27 was used from 1957 to 1972.

Is the Marlin Model 39A cross hammer safety?

The Model 39-A did not have a cross hammer safety, whereas the current Golden Model 39A has had one since introduction in 1983. The Golden 39A is still considered one of the finest examples of a lever .22 rifle, and one of the most accurate .22 rifles ever produced. It is also the best-selling lever rimfire in U.S. history.

When was the Marlin’s Golden 39A Mountie made?

Marlin’s Golden 39A Mountie was made from 1953 to 1972 and embodies the “classic” lever-action look.