How many bullets does a Marlin 30/30 hold?

How many bullets does a Marlin 30/30 hold?

The 336XLR and the 336Y have a tubular magazine that can hold up to five cartridges. All other variants can hold up to six cartridges. Though the Marlin 336 is currently only available in . 30-30 Winchester and .

What caliber is a Marlin 30 30?

Since its introduction in 1948, it has been offered in a number of different calibers and barrel lengths, but is commonly chambered in . 30-30 Winchester or . 35 Remington, using a 20- or 24-inch barrel….

Marlin Model 336
Designed 1948–present

When was the last year a Marlin was made?

MARLINS MADE 1948 and LATER Marlin Model 336 and Models 39-A and 39-M manufactured from 1948 to 1968: A one or two letter code was used to designate the year of manufacture. All Marlins (except lever action) manufactured from 1962-1968

Are there any Marlin 30 caliber rifles for sale?

Up for sale is a Marlin 1895 336SS. They did mot make very many of these, Stainless Steel, 30-30 caliber, walnut stock, this gun appears to be unfired in the …Click for more info NEW TODAY! THIS DISTINCTIVE AND HANDSOME RIFLE HAS NOT BEEN USED OR CARRIED; IT IS IN AS NEW CONDITION AND IT IS LIKELY THAT IT HAS BEEN TEST FIRED ONLY.

When did the Marlin Model 36 rifle come out?

In 1893 Marlin applied the “solid-top, side-ejection” concept to full-length rifle cartridges with the Model 1893. Over the years, this rifle would be chambered in .25-36, .30-30, .32 Special, .32-40, and .38-55. This rifle was later re-named the Model 1936 (care to guess when? later this designation was shortened simply to the Model 36).

What kind of gun is a Marlin century?

Model 39 Century Limited. Introduction of this model marked 100th Anniversary of the Marlin Company. Features 20″ octagonal barrel, with semi-buckhorn rear and brass blade front sight. Stock is fancy walnut, with straight-grip, brass fore-end tip and buttplate.