How much does a Miroku trap gun cost?

How much does a Miroku trap gun cost?

You can pay double or triple for less quality. Before moving on the test, I might note the grade one MK 38 trap gun has a recommended price of only £1,350 in either 30 or 32” form, an adjustable stock boosts this to £1,590. Oddly, Miroku trap guns are only available in grade 1 or 5.

What kind of shotgun is a Miroku Sporter?

This is a second hand Miroku MK60 grade 3 Sporter 20 gauge with 30″ barrels choked at Cylinder & 1/2 fixed. This gun would make an ideal all round choice being suitable for clay shooting, rough shooting or even game shooting. The balance is… This is a Miroku MK38 Grade 1 Trap Gun with 30″ barrels made back in 2008.

What kind of shotgun is Miroku 3800 S?

Miroku 3800 s Grade 4 sporterised trap gun 30 inch barrels Choked at 3/8s 5/8s Lovely wood very good condition with kick ez comes with browning case £900 O.N.O Part exchange welcome and RFD transfer is available to your local dealer.

Is there a Miroku break action 12 gauge shotgun?

This shotgun is only marked with the Miroku name. They later made this same model for Charles Daly & Company, and was sold as the Sup …Click for more info This is a nice Miroku Break Action 12 gauge shotgun imported by Dakin Gun Company, Kansas City Missouri. The wood is in good condition, but has small dings and light scratches due to use.

What kind of gun is the Miroku 800?

The current Japanese gun traces its ancestry back to the old Miroku models 6 and 800 which were similar, but had shorter actions than recent guns (some had V springs too, whereas all the modern guns are coil spring powered). Miroku were making these models before they developed an association with Browning in the 1960s.

What’s the back bored of a Miroku Mk 38?

All the guns in MK 38 line-up are now back-bored at about .740″ compared to the old 12 bore English norm of .729 (now .728 due to metric shenanigans).

Is the quality of a Miroku gun good?

The quality is as good as ever in all grades, perhaps better than some of the early production. There is more hand work in Mirokus than many guns. Each gun is still carefully pattern regulated before leaving the factory (which by the way is situated on an island and also makes some automotive parts).