How much does a Smith and Wesson Airweight cost?

How much does a Smith and Wesson Airweight cost?

Recently Sold SMITH WESSON 642 pistol

Price Item Date Sold
$475.00 SMITH & WESSON MODEL 642-2 AIRWEIGHT – .38 S&W SPL 642 Reno, NV 89502 1 day ago
$430.00 .38 SPECIAL +P SMITH & WESSON / S&W 642 DELUXE SPL AIRWEIGHT 1 7/8″ BARREL NEW IN BOX 022188138085 2 INCH ” BARREL 150551 Sulphur Springs, TX 75482 2 days ago

How much is a Model 59 Smith & Wesson worth?

What is a SMITH WESSON 59 pistol Worth? A SMITH WESSON 59 pistol is currently worth an average price of $1,195.75 new and $527.46 used .

Are Airweight revolvers good?

The Airweight frame is an aluminum alloy, and at first touch, you may want to hold on tight lest it floats away. But alas, gravity still holds down its 15 oz empty mass. This reliable revolver is so damn light it makes for a worthwhile self-defense choice for a survival pack or a bug out bag.

Is 38 special a good self-defense round?

38 Special are that it’s effective in a self-defense capacity in service-size pistols. It doesn’t produce excessive recoil, so most shooters can accurately shoot it. Simply load, point, shoot and repeat.

Is the S&W 642 A good gun?

Smith & Wesson’s J-frame revolvers remain among the best pocket rockets ever made; the Model 642 is perhaps the best of the best. The Centennial J-frame conceals well and won’t hang up or snag in a pocket or holster. It shoots very straight notwithstanding its tiny 1.875” barrel.

Where is the Model 37 Airweight on a Smith and Wesson?

The only way to be sure a revolver is the Model 37 is if there is a extreme closeup of the words “Airweight” on the right side of the barrel or it is described as such in the dialogue or text.) The Smith and Wesson Model 37 Airweight has been used in the the following: Smith & Wesson – A list of all firearms manufactured by Smith & Wesson.

What’s the difference between Model 36 and 37 Airweight?

There are aftermarket grips available, though, which thicken things up for you meat fingers out there. The Airweight model 37 is the younger brother to the Model 36 “Chief’s Special”, an identical gun but with a steel frame instead of aluminum.

How old is a Model 37 Airweight revolver?

I have inherited a model 37 airweight revolver. 5 shot, showing serial number 53789x, In good working order, minor rubs on the bluing to the right side of the hammer. Fires well. was curious as to its age and approximate value. Should also add that the serial number i listed was from the butt of the handle.

What was the Model 36 Smith and Wesson made of?

In 2002, Smith & Wesson reintroduced the Model 36 with gold features (hammer, thumbpiece, extractor, and trigger), calling it the “Model 36 Gold”. The gold color was actually titanium nitride.