How much is a 1911A1 worth?

How much is a 1911A1 worth?

What is a COLT 1911A1 pistol Worth? A COLT 1911A1 pistol is currently worth an average price of $654.48 new and $151.50 used .

How old is the 1911?

Service history. Following its success in trials, the Colt pistol was formally adopted by the Army on March 29, 1911, when it was designated Model of 1911, later changed to Model 1911, in 1917, and then M1911, in the mid-1920s.

What year was the 1911 made?

The Colt 1911 was formally adopted by the US Army on March 29, 1911, and then by the US Navy and Marine Corps in 1913. By the beginning of WW1, more than 68,000 pistols were in service and the huge demand for the new pistol led to contracts being granted to other manufacturers as well.

Are 1911 pistols worth the money?

The only thing people will complain about Colt 1911s is the price, buying a cold 1911 is totally worth the money and you can find many models between $800 to $900. The reason is that the colts in 1911 retain their value very well, this is expected from a gun, this reliable iconic, and sleek.

Which Springfield 1911 is the best?

Springfield Armory Mil-Spec 1911 – Top Pick This beautiful 5″ GI style piece comes in stainless steel or parkerized finish and features the 3 Dot combat sights. The SA mil-spec comes with an original 1911 short trigger and a GI style thumb and grip safety, as well as a GI hammer.

What was the serial number of the Ithaca 1911A1?

Ithaca Model 1911A1 U.S. Army .45 ACP (ca. 1945) – Serial Number 2128752. Ithaca – Model 1911A1 serial number 2128752 – One of 2,400 pistols manufactured in the serial number range 2127108-2129507 shipped January 16, 1945 to Transportation Officer – Benicia Ordnance Depot – Benicia, California.

What kind of slide does an Ithaca 1911A1 have?

It is also very unusual and more desirable as it was factory assembled with an “M1911 A1 U.S.ARMY”-marked replacement slide, as a significant number of pistols were known to have been in this serial range. It was because of this lack of detail to attention that Ithaca instituted a new Quality Control Regime.

Where is the proof mark on an Ithaca 45 ACP?

Left side slide markings – ITHACA GUN CO., INC. plus ITHACA, N.Y. Close-up of left side showing the ordnance inspectors mark “FJA” . This is the mark of Col. Frank J. Atwood . The “P” proofmark is located on the left side of receiver, top of slide and left barrel lug.

When did the Ithaca pistol leave the factory?

It was because of this lack of detail to attention that Ithaca instituted a new Quality Control Regime. This is indeed a very interesting Ithaca pistol that probably left the factory in the late Summer of 1943. It is atypical, highly desirable, and all original, including the High Standard barrel.