How much is a Hi Point 995 worth?

How much is a Hi Point 995 worth?


Price Item Condition
$240.00 9MM LUGER HI POINT FIREARMS HI-POINT 995 CARBINE 16” BBL W/ 4X SCOPE 070018 16 INCH ” BARREL Reno, NV 89511 Used

Are Hi Point Carbines any good?

The Hi-Point 995 TS carbine has low recoil, is chambered in a readily available cartridge, and is more accurate than many would expect when shot using loads it likes. It is a good choice for anyone in search of an inexpensive recreational firearm, or one for self-defense.

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Is Hipoint a good gun?

The Hi-Point 9mm handguns consistently go bang and have well-earned reputations for reliability. Bottom Line: If you’re light in the pocket, need a cheap gun for self defense and don’t care about anything else, you can do a lot worse (and many people have) than picking up a Hi-Point at the gun shop. How great is that?

Where can I buy Hi Point 995TS?

The Hi-Point 9MM Carbine is for sale every day at You can buy this and other popular semi auto rifles from one of the many sellers listing their products here at, the world’s largest gun auction site.

Why are hi point guns so cheap?

Hi-Points are low in cost because they are not fancy. The internals are stamped and machined from steel forgings. They are designed for manufacturing ease to keep the price down, with no fancy grips or shiny parts – just real robust, reliable construction that stands up to years and years of hard use.

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Are Hi Point Carbines legal?

Here is our understanding. If this new legislation is finalized then yes the Hi-Point carbine will become an illegal firearm because it has a pistol grip.

How much does a Hi Point 995 carbine cost?

Hi Point 995TS 9mm Carbine with Forward Grip and Two 20-Round Magazines – $439.99 This Hi-Point 995 carbine comes with a forward grip and (2) 20-round Red Ball high-capacity magazines.Hi-Point never makes you choose between reliability and affordability.

Is there a Hi Point 9mm carbine with scope?

Hi-Point Firearms 995TS Carbine with Scope 9mm 16.5″ Barrel 10-Rounds – $499.99 995TS Carbine with Scope Features Hi-Point’s 995TS 9mm carbine has an all-weather, polymer skeletonized stock with an internal recoil buffer, multiple Weaver-style rails, a sling, swivels, and scope base. It has a quick

What’s the value of a Hi Point rifle?

The new value of a HI POINT CARBINE rifle has risen $2.03 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $342.19 . The used value of a HI POINT CARBINE rifle has risen $41.76 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $338.06 .

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