Is the choke supposed to be open or closed?

Is the choke supposed to be open or closed?

The choke is a plate in the carburetor that opens and closes to allow more or less air into the engine. When doing a cold start, the choke should be closed to limit the amount of air going in. This increases the amount of fuel in the cylinder and helps to keep the engine running, while it is trying to warm up.

What happens when you turn the choke on?

It will not damage the engine at all. All that will happen is that it will run richer, thus using more fuel. If you did it for thousands of miles you’d probably end up with more deposits in the engine/exhaust, but even that is easy to sort.

When should you pull a choke?

Pull out the choke slightly to check if the engine requires more fuel. Push the choke in slightly to check if the engine requires more air. Listen to the engine after each adjustment to hear the choke’s effect on the engine to determine the correct choke position for a smooth noise.

What is the choke off symbol?

( I ) is choke off. This symbol represents the butterfly valve in the carburetor. When it’s straight up, the butterfly valve is not restricting the air flow, therefore, it is not choking. Vice versa for the other symbol.

What is a choke pull off?

The Choke Pull-Off, or Choke Break, is vacuum-operated and designed to open the choke plate slightly after a cold engine start to prevent engine flooding. Automotive professionals often recommend a vacuum check for proper operation or replacing whenever the carburetor is serviced.

Why does an engine run better on choke?

An internal combustion engine needs a precise mixture of fuel and air to run properly. The choke increases the amount of fuel in the mixture, creating a richer mixture. This allows the engine to function at its best until it has warmed up enough to run on its normal operating fuel mixture.

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What happens if you leave the choke on overnight?

Leaving the choke on for too long will cause unnecessary engine wear and waste fuel. The engine needs its fuel to be vaporised in order to burn it. This is done by the carburettor where the fuel is mixed with clean air coming from the air filter, and sent into the pistons to be ignited.

Which position is choke on?

Similar to the throttle, the choke plate rotates from a horizontal to vertical position to open up the passageway and allow more air to get by. The choke is located before the throttle, and manages the total amount of air going into the engine. The choke is only used when starting a cold engine.

How does an engine choke work?

By restricting the flow of air into the throat of the carburetor, the choke valve reduces the pressure inside the throat, which causes a proportionally greater amount of fuel to be pushed from the main jet into the combustion chamber during cold-running operation.

How does a choke work on an engine?

According to, a choke is designed to help engines start more quickly and efficiently when they are cold. indicates that chokes are considered part of a vehicle’s motor transmission system. Traditional chokes function through a vacuum tube, while modern chokes are powered by electricity.

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What happens when you open the choke valve?

Once the engine is warm (from combustion), opening the choke valve restores the carburetor to normal operation, supplying fuel and air in the correct stoichiometric ratio for clean, efficient combustion.

When to pull the choke on a motorcycle?

In early days it was somewhat essential pulling the choke lever out for starting a cold engine. It was quite necessary pulling the choke in the morning to start a cold engine. In summer I may not need so frequently but in winter sometimes it needed pulling the lever every time when starting.