What is 257 roberts improved?

What is 257 roberts improved?

The 257 Improved is a fine performer, adding up to 100 fps velocity over its factory cousin. One of its advantages, Ackley noted, is the fact that 257 Roberts factory ammunition can be used in an improved rifle if necessary.

What is an Ackley Improved cartridge?

Ackley. The Ackley Improved family of wildcat cartridges are designed to be easily made by rechambering existing firearms, and fireforming the ammunition to decrease body taper and increase shoulder angle, resulting in a higher case capacity. …

What does 280 Ackley Improved stand for?

280 Ackley Improved is the steeper 40 degree, which lengthens the case body and allows for about 5 percent more powder capacity. This sharper shoulder can also increase case life, which is a good thing for the handloader.

What is a 243 Ackley?

The “improved” version of the cartridge, the . 243 Ackley, can do everything its parent can do, with more velocity, and greater brass stability thanks to its 40° shoulder. Among the Ackley variants, the . 243 AI is rightly one of the most popular. It is easy to fire-form, and commercial dies are readily available.

How good is the 257 Roberts?

257 Roberts is a great all-around deer cartridge, so it’s too bad that it’s so difficult and/or expensive to get your hands on one. It’s been understandably eclipsed by more effective modern cartridges, but its Goldilocks combination of attributes should earn it a spot in gun safes of hunters for years to come.

What is the best Ackley Improved cartridge?

257 AI is the MOST improved, followed by the 250 Savage AI. I know the 257 will do whatever the 25-06 will do, with 3/4 the powder.

Is there a 270 Ackley Improved?

There Is No 270 Ackley Improved, Either. As for the old 270 Winchester, Ackley considered it already borderline overbored in its native state, so didn’t recommend giving it his A.I. treatment.

What is a 280 Ackley improved compared to?

Looking at it from a technical perspective, the . 280 Ackley Improved is a much better design in that it runs on less powder, yet offers a performance level comparable to the 7 Mag. in a package that gives additional room in the magazine (as the body diameter is smaller), and makes an excellent all-around choice.

How far will a 280 shoot?

280 produces optimum performance with 150 to 162 grain bullets. Deep penetrating projectiles such as the 150 grain Scirocco, 154 grain InterBond or 160 grain Nosler Partition give excellent results on both light and tough medium game out to ranges exceeding 300 yards.

How many grains of powder are in a 243?

243 typically utilizes powder charges that are between 29.0 and 45.0 grains (although a few charges approach 50.0 grains).

Which is better.257 Ackley or.25-06 Weatherby?

The .25-06 which holds another 8 or 9 grains of powder outperforms the .257 Ackley by about 200fps. Of course, you could have your rifle rechambered for the .25-06 Ackley which treads close on the heels of the .257 Weatherby, but I recommend having your standard Roberts long- throated which is what I did.

Is the.257 Ackley Improved a wildcat cartridge?

Despite the distance of time, some of his developments – notably the .30-30 Ackley Improved, the .257 Roberts Ackley Improved and the .280 Remington Ackley Improved – enjoy considerable popularity today. A wildcat cartridge is one that is not chambered by major manufacturers nor is loaded ammunition available from major

Can a.257 Roberts be rechambered to A.25 Weatherby?

A .257 Roberts in the Model 70 can be rechambered to the .25-06 or to the .257 Weatherby Magnum. It can also have the chamber cut to .257 Ackley Improved, but why bother when the .25-06 is available?

Which is better the 257 Ackley or the 257 Roberts?

A: In my opinion the .257 Ackley is badly overrated. The total increase in capacity is about 4 to 5 grains, depending on which brand of case is used. It burns roughly about 8 to 10 percent more powder to increase velocity around 5 percent.