What is a Bryco 38 380 worth?

What is a Bryco 38 380 worth?

Recently Sold JENNINGS BRYCO MODEL 38 pistol

Price Item Condition
$195.00 .380 (ALL) LNIB JENNINGS BRYCO MODEL 38 WITH 2-3/4″ BARREL ACP Cornish, NH Used
$170.00 BRYCO ARMS 380 JENNINGS MODEL 38 .380 LOW RESERVE Dedham, MA 02026 Used
$145.00 .380 (ALL) JENNINGS BRYCO MODEL 38 NICKEL 380 ACP Hammond, LA New Old Stock

What caliber is a Bryco 380?

The company’s most famous product, along with the Jennings J-22, was the Bryco Arms Model 38 semi-automatic pistol, available in both 32 ACP and 380 ACP calibers (also known as the P-38).

How many bullets does a Bryco 380 hold?

6 rounds
The gun was in the original box with a sales receipt dated 1992, and both magazines were fully loaded with 6 rounds each.

Who makes Bryco 380?

Jimenez Arms, Inc formerly, Byrco Arms, Inc. manufactured the J48 . 380 pistol. This model is widely known as the Saturday night special or junk gun It has been produced since the late 1980’s.

What is the price for a Jennings 380?

Recently Sold JENNINGS 48 pistol

Price Item
$130.00 JENNINGS MODEL 48 .380 ACP Crowley, TX 76036
$99.00 .380 AUTO JENNINGS MODEL 48 Crowley, TX 76036
$165.00 JENNINGS MODEL 48 .380 ACP Crowley, TX 76036

What’s the price of a Bryco 380?


PRICE: $87.00 MANUFACTURER: Other Manufacturer
CONDITION: Used MODEL: Bryco Arms Jennings T380-CA
SOLD: 10 months ago UPC:
LOCATION: Austin, TX 78758 SKU:

Who owns Jimenez?

Bryco, founder Bruce Jennings and his Nevada-based distribution company were ordered to pay $24 million of the judgment. Bryco’s former plant manager, Paul Jimenez, bought the company in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Jacksonville, Fla., in June and renamed it Jimenez Arms.

Are all 380 magazines interchangeable?

Pistols, yes. 9mm carbine mags will fit in your 9/380 pistols, but the reverse is not going to happen.

What kind of gun is the Bryco Model 38?

The Bryco Model 38, currently marketed as the Jimenez JA-380, is an inexpensive American ” Saturday night special ” pistol. The Model 38 was Bryco’s most famous product, along with the Jennings J-22 which carried over. The weapon was later produced by Jimenez Arms when Bryco went out of business, and is still being made by Jimenez today.

Where is the safety lever on a Bryco 380?

The model 380 has always been one of Bryco’s top sellers and Jimenez still produces it as the JA-380. Move the safety lever located on the left side of the handgun at the top of the grip into the “Safe” position.

How do you take a Bryco gun down?

Pull the magazine catch so the magazine drops from the bottom of the grip and pull the slide to the rear, the top portion of the weapon, to check that there are no unused rounds in the chamber. The gun must be emptied before take-down can begin.

When did Bryco Arms change its name to Jennings Arms?

Bryco Arms has been making inexpensive handguns since 1968. The company went through several name changes, beginning with Raven Arms, then Bryco Arms, Jennings Arms and finally Jimenez arms, changing ownership again due to a lawsuit and subsequent buyout.