What is K date Luger?

What is K date Luger?

The “K Date” Lugers were manufactured for the German Army in 1934 and represent the very first true Nazi Army contract pistol. The “K” was developed as a secret wartime code by the Mauser factory to conceal the fact that Germany was rearming in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

What was the first Luger?

Luger pistol, also called Parabellum Pistol, semiautomatic German hand weapon first manufactured in 1900 for both military and commercial use. It was made in 7.65- and 9-millimetre calibres and had a toggle-joint breech mechanism.

What made the Luger so good?

Borchardt’s pistol was powerful and accurate, but heavy, awkward to hold and very expensive to produce. Luger took the complex toggle-lock action, simplified it, angled the pistol grip at 55 degrees—to make the weapon more comfortable to hold—and produced the gun in a smaller package.

What was the serial number of Georg Luger?

A single rifle, serial number 4, was found and put on auction and was said to be made by Georg Luger. The description mentioned a German patent No. 4126 of 1906—the patent applied specifically to serial number 4. The rifle was chambered in 7.92x57mm Mauser, and the stock resembled the later K98k style. DWM Luger P-08 9mm Pistol

When did the DWM make the Luger pistol?

DWM became the producer of the Borchardt pistoland, in 1900, its famous successor the Luger pistol. The Luger was officially adopted by the Swiss military in1901, the Imperial German Navy in 1906 and the German Army in 1908, which resulted in its common’P-08′ designation.

How big was the barrel of a Luger?

The standard German Army Luger used in WW I had a 4′ barrel, the NavyLuger a 6′ barrel and the Artillery Model an 8′ barrel. The Luger wasalso the standard service pistol of Switzerland, Portugal, Holland, Chile,Brazil and Bulgaria.

What was the code on a Mauser Luger?

Mauser built WWII military Lugers have the code S/42 stamped on the top of the toggle mechanism. They may also have a single letter G or K stamped on the top of the barrel. These Lugers were built in 1935 to 38 approx. Later production Mausers were coded cyq.