What is the barrel twist on 243?

What is the barrel twist on 243?

.243 Winchester
Overall length 2.7098 in (68.83 mm)
Case capacity 53.7 to 54.8gr H2O
Rifling twist 1-10 to 1-8
Primer type Large Rifle

What is the twist rate of a Remington 700 243?

I do not have the exact breakdown on dates of changes, but early 700’s in 243 Win had 1in10″ twist, then Remington changed to 1in9″ twist in 1969. Later and current 700’s in 243 Win use a 1in 9.125″ twist.

What is the best barrel twist rate?

The best barrel twist rate depends on what type of bullet you are shooting. A fast twist rate such as a 1:7” twist barrel will work better with long-range modern bullets where as a shorter twist such as 1:10” or 1:11” twist barrel will work better with shorter bullets.

What is the fastest twist rate?

The lower the number of the twist, the faster the twist rate or the faster the bullet will spin. For example, a 1:8 twist will spin the bullet one revolution in 8 inches, whereas a 1:10” twist will spin a bullet one revolution in 10 inches.

What is the best twist rate for 243?

Winchester’s . 243, however, had a 1:10 rate of twist, and it did a marvelous job of stabilizing 100-grain deer bullets as well as lighter varmint bullets.

What is the best barrel length for 243?

Optimal length for performance depends on the cartridge. 26″ is great for a 25-06 & 24″ works well. 22-23″ is ok for the 243, where a 20″ does pretty good for a 308, this is basic stuff. Most of the H&R 243’s have a 22″& a single shot with a 22″ barrel is as short as an 18″ bolt gun.

What is the maximum effective range of a 243?

243 Winchester deer hunting loads covered here. The key result of this analysis is that the effective killing range of the . 243 load above is 180 yards. This falls well short of both the +/- 3 inch MPBR (280 yards) and zero distance (240 yards) of the load.

What was the twist rate on the Remington 788 243?

From some date in 1969 on forward Remington used a 1 in 9″ twist rate in the 788 243 Win. In 1967, when they first stared making the 788 243 Win, until they switched the twist rate in 1969, I believe Remington used the standard 1 in 10″ twist rate, that nearly every manufacturer producing 243 Win at the time used and most still use!

How big is the barrel on a Remington 788?

Barrel lengths were 22 or 24 inches for standard rifles and 18.5 inches for carbines (.243, 7nm-08 and .308 calibers only). Left hand models were offered in 6mm Rem. and .308 Win. In my experience the 788 proved to be a very accurate rifle, a sentiment voiced by most 788 owners. I own both a standard rifle in .222 Remington and a carbine in 7mm-08.

What should the barrel twist be on a Remington 243?

The 243 is not known for recoil so that would not be an issue. Barrel twist should be 1 in 9 or 1 in 10 for best all round performance and bullet selection. I agree with trying it first….I had a 788 carbine in .243 and it shot very well, you may get lucky!

What’s the best twist rate for a.243?

I’m considering the purchase of a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in .243 Win., and Remington puts a 9 1/8″ twist rate on their barrels in this caliber. What is the heaviest bullet that this twist rate will stabilize effectively, and what is optimum bullet weight for this twist rate? Will is handle the 100-105 gr. bullets? Thanks.