What was the first Smith and Wesson double action revolver?

What was the first Smith and Wesson double action revolver?

Smith & Wesson, Double Action .32 Revolver (First Model) .32 S&W cartridge. From May, 1881, to some time in 1913, Smith & Wesson manufactured a big revolver known as the .44 Double Action. So great was its resemblance to the .38 that only close attention to details would distinguish them.

What’s the model number of a Smith and Wesson?

The 4500 series is for .45 ACP, 4000 series for .40 S&W, and 1000 series for 10mm. So, looking at the first two digits of a four-digit model number from a 3rd gen pistol, we can know the caliber, and if it’s a 9mm, we might also know the frame size.

When did 3rd Generation’s & W pistols come out?

The third generation of S&W pistols started hitting the market in the late 80s. They can be easily spotted by their four-digit model numbers.

When did the Smith and Wesson 38 double action come out?

The Fourth Model.38 double-action appeared shortly after April 3, 1889, and did away with the rocker-type cylinder stop, along with the unsightly extra cuts in the periphery of the cylinder. The walls of the trigger were made to cover the rear sear and cylinder stop, as had been done previously in the.32 model.

How to identify an old top break Smith and Wesson DA revolver?

This is probably not an answer to your question but a question about a revolver I have that looks like yours. It is a breaktop S&W with three patent dates starting May 1880 and ending April 1889 or 99. It has an exposed hammer and is a double action. There are no caliber markings and only a serial # can be found on the Revolver (377902).

When did the top break revolver come out?

The Top Break Was Formerly A Dominant Revolver Design After the advent of cartridges, the two dominant revolver designs were the fixed-cylinder (Colt Single Action) and the top-break, which was first devised by Smith and Wesson in the third generation of the Model 1-½ in .32 S&W.

How much does A.22 Magnum revolver cost?

Available as .22 Short/Long/LR, .22 Magnum or combination with both cylinders. NOTE: Add $45 premium for combination models; $50 premium for nickel. A 9-shot single-/double-action revolver for .22 Short, Long, LR cartridges and all aluminum frame guns.

What kind of Revolver is the Smith and Wesson Model 28?

Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 Highway Patrolman. .357 Magnum 4″ barrel .265″ serrated trigger / .400″ semi-target hammer Red ramp / white outline sights. Pinned barrel and recessed …Click for more info S&W model 28-2 Highway Patrolmen .357 magnum revolver. 6” barrel and 98%+ original blue, even the turn ring is hardly noticeable.