What year did the 870 wingmaster come out?

What year did the 870 wingmaster come out?


Remington Model 870
Produced 1950–present
No. built 11,000,000+
Variants Wingmaster, Express, Marine, SPS, SPS-T, XCS, Tac-14, Super Mag, MCS, DM, Tac-14 DM

How much is a Remington Wingmaster 870 16 gauge worth?

What is a REMINGTON 870 WINGMASTER shotgun Worth? A REMINGTON 870 WINGMASTER shotgun is currently worth an average price of $1,378.29 new and $616.51 used .

Is the 16 gauge shotgun making a comeback?

After teetering on the edge of obsolescence, the 16-gauge is making something of a comeback, and that’s good news for upland hunters.

When did the Remington Model 870 shotgun come out?

Light contour barrels for the Remington Model 870 shotgun were designed in 1992, and became common on these shotguns thereafter. announced production of the six-millionth Model 870 shotgun! rifled) gun with synthetic stock (for $385ºº). Wingmaster in 12 and 20 gauges. Remington also introduced with RemChoke. Also introduced were the Model 870

Is the Wingmaster 870 a 16 gauge rifle?

The Wingmaster Model 870 in 16-gauge handled like a champ–easy to swing yet stayed on target. It’s as much at home on a trap range as it is in dove fields or quail meadows.

How big is a 16 gauge Remington 870?

The Model 870 Express Synthetic Youth in 16 gauge features a 23-inch, light-contour, vent-rib barrel with Modified Rem Choke and “youth” stock that is one inch shorter than the standard Model 870. Shotgun ballisticians will tell you that “square loads”–shot columns whose length matches the gauge’s bore diameter-pattern best.

When was the last Remington 16 gauge shotgun made?

Last offered by Remington in 1980, the 16 gauge is once again available in an extensive line of Model 870 shotguns that gives first-timers and experienced shooters the opportunity to experience a classic. For many years thousands of hunters have enjoyed using Remington’s Model 870, one of the best selling shotguns ever made.