What year did the Crosman 760 come out?

What year did the Crosman 760 come out?

The original Crosman 760 sold for $27.95 in 1966.

Can I use pellets in a BB gun?

Although some BB guns can also shoot pellets, the reverse situation is not true: steel BB balls have greater stiffness and are not meant to be shot from pellet guns, whose barrels are typically rifled and thus can get stuck (similar to a squib load in firearms) and lead to a catastrophic failure.

Can a 760 Pumpmaster shoot pellets?

The Crosman ® Pumpmaster 760 Air Rifle has been a favorite for four decades! This reliable rifle can double as a BB repeater or as a single shot pellet gun. It features steel barrel material, packs a cross bolt safely, and shoots at velocities up to 600 fps.

How to load a BB in a Crosman 760 Pumpmaster?

Rotate the latch cover up, and pour in .177 caliber BB’s. Rotate the latch cover down when finished. Raise and pull back the loading bolt. Push the bolt forward to load one BB for firing. Clear the visible magazine on top of the rifle of all BB’s before loading a pellet.

How long has The Crosman 760 been in use?

A proven Crosman favorite for four decades, this dependable rifle offers an experience all its own. Over 12 million have been sold! Doubles as a BB repeater or a single shot pellet gun. You get what you pay for… I have owned Crosman 760 air rifles for 45 years. My first, in 1975 was all wood and steel.

How many years of the Crosman Pumpmaster classic?

Fifty-Two Years Of The Iconic Crosman 760. How Do They Do It? As you will have read in Hard Air Magazine, there’s a new version of the Crosman 760 – the 760 Pumpmaster Classic. “Big deal”, you may have thought.

What kind of ammunition does a Crossman 760 Pumpmaster fire?

In 2011 the Crossman name is associated with BB and pellet guns, ammunition and products for paintball. The Crossman 760 is a versatile rifle that fires .177 caliber BB’s and pellets. Move the safety of the Crossman 760 Pumpmaster to the “safe” position. Slide the safety bolt located under the receiver from the left to the right position.