When was my Stevens shotgun made?

When was my Stevens shotgun made?

The Savage/Stevens date code is a very small oval, usually on the underside of the receiver on doubles. Inside that oval is a very small number and letter. The letter is the year of manufacture.

What chokes does a Stevens 320 take?

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Gun Model Choke Interchange
Stevens 67-E Browning Invector standard threads
Stevens 320 Browning Invector standard threads
Stoeger 20000 Beretta/Benelli standard threads
Stoeger P-350 Beretta/Benelli standard threads

Is the Stevens 320 a good gun?

Most Stevens 320 shotguns are designed with home defense in mind and come configured either with a traditional looking polymer stock or a tactical model with buttstock and pistol grip that is reminiscent of the AR-15. The Stevens 320 is a fantastic gun, and yes, it is out of the box ready if you want a bone stock gun.

Where did the Stevens Model 94 shotgun come from?

Having found the Stevens 94 shotgun shown above, I had heck deciding what to do with it. Then I thought about the privet hedge thicket along the creek about 200 yards behind my house.

Can you remove forearm screw on Stevens Model 94 shotgun?

But the logical inclination of a newbie to Stevens Model 94 shotguns would be to remove the forearm screw in order to remove the forearm, especially a newbie experienced with the more modern Handi-Rifle.

What kind of trigger guard does Stevens Model 94 have?

You’ll find a dozen different Stevens Model 94 alphabetical suffixes. The Stevens Model 94 came with aluminum, hard metal and plastic trigger guards. Mine is aluminum. The part I needed, a Forend Spring Housing, came in a two-wood-screw and a one-wood-screw version.

How big is the hole on a Stevens Model 94 thicket shotgun?

Let’s begin with the barrel hacksawing. The dim black marker smear above the two dimples is the circa 24″ mark for the hacksaw. The circa 24″ mark was arbitrary. If I messed up drilling & tapping the little hole for the new front sight, or put the hole in the wrong location, I could whack off another 1/2″ of barrel and start over.