When was the last Winchester Model 70 made?

When was the last Winchester Model 70 made?

The Model 70 was produced from 1935 until Winchester closed their Connecticut factory in 2006, with approximately 700,000 Model 70 guns sold prior to 1964. This self-appraisal course deals with all Model 70 Winchester rifles, but focuses on the pre-64 Winchesters, or those guns produced prior to 1964.

Which is the best Winchester rifle ever made?

The Model 70 Winchester was considered the best bolt rifle ever produced in the United States. It is often referred to as the “Rifleman’s Rifle.” It had 11 distinct models (i.e., types, styles, variations) produced, was chambered for a diverse array of bullet calibers, and variations associated with production date.

How much does a Model 70 rifle cost?

Pre-war Model 70’s are getting pretty pricey, without any extra holes or stock cutting, etc. Values for one in a common chambering, like the .30-06, would be in the $3K-$4K range for a standard rifle, with 50% more for a carbine.

What was the magazine capacity of a Winchester?

The Magazine capacity was 5 rounds for standard calibers, 4 rounds for .300 and .375 H&H, and 3 rounds for Winchester Magnum calibers. Checkered walnut pistol grip stocks were universal. Standard rifles weighed about 8 pounds. Post WW II production was usually drilled and tapped for scope mounts.

The information below was taken from rough documents that were typed up a number of years ago and do not yet exist digitally. To obtain date of manufacture on a Model 70 made after 1992 please contact the Winchester Customer Service Department at 800-333-3288.

When was the first Winchester magazine gun made?

Model 1883 Hotchkiss Magazine Gun introduced. First Winchester bolt action. In the spring of 1883, rights to the Model 1878 Single Shot, (later called the Model 1885), were purchased by T.G. Bennett of Winchester.

When did the Winchester Model 54 come out?

This was the Winchester Model 54, and it was introduced in 1925. It would remain in production until 1936 when it was replaced by the Winchester Model 70. Winchester Model 54 Standard Rifle. The Model 54 was also made in a short carbine length. (Picture courtesy Louis Luttrell @ winchestercollectors.org).

When was the Winchester Repeating Arms brand made?

Before the 1990s the Winchester Repeating Arms firearms brand transferred ownership several times. Any information before the 1990s is always difficult to verify. In general, only serial number ranges with an approximate year are provided in this document.

When was the Model 70 and 94 made?

For those Model 70 and 94 owners interested in when their specific rifle was made, the tables below show serial number range by year made. GET THE NEWSLETTER Join the List and Never Miss a Thing.

What kind of rifle is the Model 70?

Considered by many to be the finest bolt-action rifle ever built in the United States. Pre-1964 Model 70 is highly sought after by shooters and collectors alike. Its smooth strong action has no peer. Often referred to as “The Riflemen’s Rifle”. Model 70 is an updated and improved version of Model 54.