Where are FALKE products made?

Where are FALKE products made?

Falke’s high end hosiery balances tradition and modernity The 125-year-old, family-owned business – now in its fourth generation – has been operating since 1895 from the small town of Schmallenberg located in the North-West part of Germany, where most of its production is still based.

Is Falke a South African brand?

As South Africa’s leading sock brand, we’re driven by detail. Headquartered in Cape Town, FALKE South Africa employs a collective of 650 men and women with knitting in their blood. We form part of the International FALKE Group in Germany and draw inspiration from a family legwear legacy dating back to 1895.

Is Falke German?

Falke is an ancient German noble family (Uradel). The name is originally spelled Falcken, Falken, Falkenreck, also Falken-Reck.

Is Falke a good brand name?

In addition to hosiery, FALKE makes a very good name for itself with women’s knitwear. However, the women’s line was discontinued in 1985 in favour of a stronger focus on men’s fashion. In this year, the corporate directors Paul and Franz-Otto Falke receive the German Marketing Award.

What is Falke brand?

Founded in 1895, FALKE began in a humble craft workshop spinning yarn and knitting quality socks for cold German winters and active summers. In 1990, FALKE entered its fourth generation as a family-run business, as a global fashion brand specializing in premium socks, hosiery, and clothing for men and women.

What does Falke mean?

falcon. More meanings for Falke. hawk noun. Habicht, Sperber, Gauner. falcon noun.

What is a Falke?

Falke is German for hawk.

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Is there a Falke factory in South Africa?

Find great deals and offers on high quality socks, apparel and hosiery at Falke factory shops in South Falke stores in South Africa has a long history even though they do not currently have any concept stores in the country.

Where to buy Falke legwear, sport and fashion?

Find high-quality stockings, tights, socks and fashion for women, men and kids in the FALKE® online shop! Discover our range and feel the difference FALKE® Legwear, Sport and fashion – The official FALKE® online shop| FALKE

Where to buy Falke socks in the Western Cape?

For Falke Socks Factory Shop’s full review please refer to page 11 of the 14th edition of The A-Z of Factory Shops in the Western Cape.

Where are the best Falke stores in Europe?

On an international level, FALKE presents its company’s products in 20 shop-in-shop systems in the fashion centres of Europe. FALKE has opened its own flagship stores in the best locations in select fashion capitals: Berlin and Ascona.