Where can I find playlists?

Where can I find playlists?

You can go to the Library tab to view all of your playlists. You can also manage your playlists in YouTube Studio. If a video or channel’s audience is “made for kids” and you’re on a homepage, you can’t add it to a playlist. You can still add content from search results into playlists.

Can I make a playlist on Youtube?

A playlist is a collection of videos. Anybody can make playlists, share them, and friends can add videos to your playlist. You can go to the Library tab to view all of your playlists. You can also manage your playlists in YouTube Studio.

How do you get into playlist?

Here’s the gist of the lists!

  1. Get Your Music on Streaming Platforms.
  2. Get Verified.
  3. Build An Audience.
  4. Submit Your Unreleased Music to Spotify Playlists Directly.
  5. Make Your Own Playlists.
  6. Know the Right Playlists.
  7. Reach out For Press Coverage.
  8. Approach Playlist Curators.

How do I make a Playlist?

10 Tips for Creating Perfect Radio Playlists

  1. Always be on the look out for new music.
  2. Variety is key.
  3. Have a theme and purpose.
  4. Aim for 30-50 songs.
  5. Include one song per artist.
  6. Keep it updated.
  7. Select music that you love.
  8. Take your brand into consideration.

How do I find my library on YouTube?

To find your Library, go to the bottom menu bar and select Library .

  1. History. Videos you’ve recently watched can be found under History.
  2. Your Videos. Videos you’ve uploaded, which includes public, private, and unlisted videos, can be found under Your Videos.
  3. Purchases.
  4. Watch Later.
  5. Playlists.
  6. Liked videos.

Can you make a playlist on YouTube for free?

The first way is to go to your YouTube profile and click on Video Manager. Under Video Manager, click on Playlists, then select New Playlist. Give your playlist a name and hit Create. You can also create playlists on the fly as you’re navigating YouTube.

Can you create a playlist on YouTube without an account?

It is easy to build playlists in YouTube but they are always connected to your YouTube channel or Google Account – you cannot create a playlist on YouTube anonymously without logging in to your account.

How do I make a playlist?

Where can I make a playlist for free?

The Best 2 of 15 Options Why?

Best online platforms to make music playlists Price Platforms
90 SoundCloud Web, Android, Desktop, Sonos, Windows Phone
— Mixcloud FREE Web, Android, iOS, Desktop
— Pandora $0-$4.99/M Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone
— Deezer Music $0 – $19.99/mo Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone

How do you open a playlist?

How to open your playlist in a new iTunes window. 1) Launch iTunes on your Mac. 2) Choose Music from the menu near the upper-left corner, then click the Library tab. 3) In the lefthand column, right-click or Control (⌃)-click your playlist underneath the All Playlists heading, then select the option Open In New Window from the popup menu.

How do I find my iTunes playlist?

View the playlist window in iTunes. Click on the ‘♫’ icon in the top-left corner of the screen then click on “Playlist” from the top of the iTunes window. You will see the available playlists appear on the left hand side of the window.

How do I make my own music playlist?

Making Your Own Playlist Open up iTunes. Make a blank playlist by clicking on “File” → “New” → “New Playlist.”. Name your playlist something memorable. Click on “Add Music” in the upper right corner. Click and drag your songs into the playlist. Click “done” once you’ve finished the playlist.

How do you make a Free playlist?

Create a Playlist on a PC (Free and Premium) Open the Spotify web player. To create a playlist here, look for the “New Playlist” option on the bottom left. Click the plus sign, and a pop-up will appear. Type a name for the playlist, and hit create (there’s the option to add a photo and description, but that’s not required).