Why is my AEG not shooting?

Why is my AEG not shooting?

Make sure your battery is charged. If your battery is dead and will not take a charge you will most likely need to replace it. Check the fuse. Many AEGs have a fuse, if the fuse goes out the gun will not function.

What happens if I put a bigger battery in my airsoft gun?

The battery will not affect the FPS of your Airsoft gun but it will most definitely increase its rate of fire. But be careful when using a higher voltage battery it may destroy the gearbox.

What is an anti reversal latch?

The anti-reversal latch is a very important part of the AEG gearbox. This part engages the ratchet teeth on the bevel gear in order to stop your AEG gears from reversing when the motor is off and causing damage to your motor or battery.

Is it OK to dry fire an AEG?

Dry firing your AEG anything more than 2 – 3 shots on semi after you’re done playing with it is a bad idea; it will speed up the wear and tear on the internals, which isn’t something that most people will want to do. You should avoid dry firing as much as possible.

Does mAH matter in airsoft?

Yes, as with all batteries, airsoft batteries will lose charge. The rate at which it will do so will depend on the type of battery. The most important number to look at on the battery is the mAH. One BB usually equates to one mAH.

Should I leave my battery in my airsoft gun?

If you want to keep the battery in/with the gun, at least unplug it. The short answer is no. There are so many reasons not to do this at there is no point and listing them all. So do not leave it connected inside that is the only answer to this question.

Why does my airsoft battery get hot?

The battery getting hot is coming from increased resistance or a short. Since the gun doesn’t fire, my guess is that there is a short somewhere in the wiring.

What does the anti reversal latch Do Airsoft?

What to do if your AEG gun is not working?

Solution C: If you cannot access the anti-reversal latch, the next easiest thing to do is open up your gearbox and reset everything to their relaxed position. Possible Issue 2: Stripped gear with gear debris blocking teeth. Possible Issue 3: Gears are shimmed too tight.

What kind of battery do I need for my AEG?

Solution A: Plug in a fully charged battery to your AEG, the battery needs to be of high quality preferably with a nominal voltage of 9.3 Volts or higher. Shoot the AEG and see if it will cycle.

Is the AEG magazine compatible with the aftermarket magazine?

If you are using aftermarket magazines other than the magazine that came with the gun, it’s possible that the aftermarket magazines are not compatible with your AEG. If your AEG has a high capacity magazine (with a winding wheel) make sure that you are fully winding the magazine before firing.

Can a madbull bucking be replaced on an AEG gun?

Possible Issue 3: Your nub is too soft or damaged-unlikely, but possible. Solution: Replace the nub with a harder one � MadBull buckings are notoriously hard. Solution: Switch to a softer one �Lonex 50 degree, SHS, Systema. Solution: Disassemble and Realign hop up with barrel window.