Are there any L C Smith double barrel shotguns in good condition?

Are there any L C Smith double barrel shotguns in good condition?

Older usable L.C. Smith double barrel 16 Gauge field grade shotgun in good condition with one exception; the Legendary L.C. Smith crack in stock that could and should be repaired. True to the 16 Gauge …Click for more info

How much does a LC Smith Shotgun cost?

c. smith lc field grade featherweight sidelock12 gauge double barrel shotgun w/original box and hang tag PRICE: $2,095.00 MANUFACTURER: L.C. SMITH

What kind of wood does a L C Smith Shotgun have?

L. C. Smith Specialty Grade Outstanding condition, bluing is 95% wood is 90%. 12 gauge with 28 inch barrels. 2 small dents on the bottom side of barrels. Modified and full choke. Perfect collector’ …Click for more info

When did the L C Smith Gun come out?

Marlin brought the L.C. Smith brand to market with models imported from Italy from 2004 to 2010.

What kind of shotgun is LC Smith 20 gauge?

“LC Smith Ideal Grade 20 Gauge shotgun. Popular .20 Gauge side by side Ideal grade. Has 28” full/modified barrel, double triggers and extractors. The barrels have about 85% thinning blue mix …Click for more info Metal surfaces rate very good plus, fading original case coloring to receiver.

When was the l.c.smith Hunter Arms 12 ga made?

L.C. Smith Hunter Arms 12 GA In 1913, The Hunter Arms Company redesigned all of the grades of L.C. Smith shotguns. One of their catalogs from that year said that the old grades would be manu …Click for more info

What was the lowest grade of L C Smith Gun?

Appreciation is expressed to Len Applegate and Frank Finch for providing the L.C. Smith catalogs. Field Grade production began in 1912, and it was the lowest grade available. The 1913 catalog said: “This gun is especially designed for those requiring a cheap, sound and plainly finished weapon.

What kind of shotgun is a side lock?

Interesting Facts about L.C. Smith L.C. Smith was one of the only American makers to produce a side lock shotgun, where the internal mechanisms of the gun were fixed to the side plates that extended back from the action. There were few other American makers who did the same, but none with the same clout as L.C. Smith.

Where did the L C Smith Shotgun come from?

C. Smith shotguns were made by the Hunter Arms Company of Fulton, NY. The early hammerless models were chambered for 10, 12, 16 and 20 gauge and were produced with various barrel lengths and choke combinations. The difference in values depends on the amount of engraving and the quality of materials used on the gun.

Who are the inventors of the L C Smith Shotgun?

Descriptions combine information from the catalogs and from William Brophy (L.C. Smith Shotguns, 1977), John Houchins (L.C. Smith: The Legend Lives, 2006), and James Stubbendieck (L.C. Smith Production Records, 2013). Appreciation is expressed to Len Applegate and Frank Finch for providing the L.C. Smith catalogs.

What was the price of a L C Smith rifle in 1913?

The right barrel was roll-stamped L.C. SMITH IDEAL GRADE while the left was marked THE HUNTER ARMS CO. FULTON, N.Y. Gauges were 10, 12, 16, and 20, and .410 was available later. The 1913 price with two triggers was $37.50. A Hunter One-Trigger added $20 to the price.

When did l.c.smith start making shotguns?

Image courtesy of Dogs and Doubles. Early L.C. Smith guns, that is to say guns from the pre-1913 date, were graded with numbers or letters, ascending/descending and covering a variety of options available at the time. The earliest were described as ‘qualities’ rather than grades from this vintage.

How much does a LC Smith side by side barrel cost?

LC Smith Side by SxS 16 gauge Field Grade double barrel PRICE: $613.00 MANUFACTURER: LC Smith