Can a Pentel Rollerball be used as a refill?

Can a Pentel Rollerball be used as a refill?

Pentel still make the MG8 refill. All the refills are interchangeable with any of the above pens. You should have a Pentel rollerball pen in your collection.They are still one of the best pens out there. Add all these pens to your collection.

What kind of refills do pentels use?

Both RXs would have come with a MG8 refill. Next is the 0.3mm Excalibur which uses a SRM03 extra-fine refill. Last is a orange SP-308 which would come with a MG8 refill. Next six starts with a green SR305 0.3mm followed by the SR-10-02A, SR10-03A and the SR10-04A. These pens use the 02mm, 03mm and the 04mm refills.

What kind of refill is needed for ballpoint pen?

Refill for Pentel R.S.V.P. ballpoint pen 0.7mm, fine lines Ink produces consistent lines with no “skipping” Available ink colors: Black, Red, Blu… Ultra-fine needle tip refill fits any refillable EnerGel pen Super-smooth liquid gel ink refill Produces vivid, ultra-fine lines with a 0.3mm need…

What kind of pen can I refill with MG8?

Here we have a nice selection of Pentel Pens that can use the standard MG8 refill. Starting on the left we have three R-3s, four R-4s, a R-6 and a R-7. Middle set of four are the Red RX503 Excalibur, the RX401WO Slim Olympic Excalibur.

Is there a refill for the Pentel R3 Slim?

For those lucky enough to own a refillable R3-series or R4-series Rolling Writer, the MG8 refill is still available. Its unique Cushion Ball tip allows for smooth writing with no skipping or blotting. The black water-based ink produces a medium line.

Are there refills for the Pentel Rolling Writer?

R.S.V.P. refills are some of the longest on the market and can write for nearly a mile without running out! Refills are available in two sizes and a variety of colors. Please refer to the chart to find the right R.S.V.P. refill for your needs.

Are there any Pentel instruments that are refillable?

Nearly 70% of Pentel writing instruments are refillable, which keeps Pentel products out of landfills and saves you money. Pentel of America is a division of Pentel Company, Ltd., which has been producing the world’s favorite writing instruments for over half a century.

Which is the best ink for pentel pens?

EnerGel is Pentel’s most popular ink to date. This high-performance ink technology combines the best qualities of liquid and gel ink for a super-smooth writing experience. Each refill produces vivid lines with no smears, no smudges and no globs.