Can we print any statement to the console without using main method and static block?

Can we print any statement to the console without using main method and static block?

Answer is No! You cannot execute anything unless main() method is called. Prior to Java 7 classes were loaded before main() method was looked up. So there is no way you can print something to console without invoking main() method or through static functions/blocks.

How can I print without main method?

Java Program to Print any Statement Without Using the Main Method

  1. public class Without_Main.
  2. {
  3. static.
  4. {
  5. System. out. println(“Hello World!!”);
  6. System. exit(0);
  7. }
  8. //Does not work with JDK7.

Can we print or execute something without using main method?

Yes You can compile and execute without main method By using static block. But after static block executed (printed) you will get an error saying no main method found.

Which method can you use to print a message to the console in Java?

The print() method is used to print text on the console. It is an overloaded method of the PrintStream class. It accepts a string as a parameter. After printing the statement, the cursor remains on the same line….print() Method.

Overloaded Method Prints
print(object obj) An object
print(String s)
A string

Can we write a program without main method?

Yes, we can execute a java program without a main method by using a static block. Static block in Java is a group of statements that gets executed only once when the class is loaded into the memory by Java ClassLoader, It is also known as a static initialization block.

Can we execute a program without main in Java?

How do you write a console log in Java?

Writing Console Output in Java

  1. print() method displays the string in the same line whereas println() method outputs a newline character after its execution.
  2. print() method is used for directing output to console only whereas println() method is used for directing output to not only console but other sources also.

How do you write a Java console program?

How to make a console application in Eclipse.

  1. File – New – Project.
  2. Select “Java Project”
  3. Name it “MyApp”
  4. Right click on MyApp/src.
  5. New – Class. package name, like “com.sample” Class name “MainClass”
  6. add this line System.out.println(“hello”); to main()
  7. Right click “MyApp”, Run As – Java Application.

Can we print in Java?

print(): print() method in Java is used to display a text on the console. This text is passed as the parameter to this method in the form of String. This method prints the text on the console and the cursor remains at the end of the text at the console. The next printing takes place from just here.

Can you print a message to console without using main ( )?

Yes, you can print a message to console without using main (). Yes, one of the way is static block but in previous version of JDK not in JDK 1.7. Output:Error: Main method not found in class A3, please define the main method as: public static void main (String [] args) Actually it doesn’t work in the latest update of java 8.

How to print message without using println ( ) method in Java?

Write a program to print message without using println () method in java? The println () method of the System class accepts aStringas parameter an prints the given String on the console. In addition to this you can print data on the console in several other ways, some of them are −

How to print a string to console output in Java?

Hence, one can use ‘out’ directly without any initialization. And PrintStream.print (String s) prints the string. Typically this stream corresponds to display output or another output destination specified by the host environment or user. By default, when running the program through a command prompt or any IDE like eclipse, console is the output.

What does System.out.println ( ) do in Java?

System.out.println() is used mostly to print messages to the console. However very few of us are actually aware of its working mechanism. System is a class defined in the java.lang package. out is an instance of PrintStream , which is a public and static member of the class System.