Does BBC have editorial standards?

Does BBC have editorial standards?

Browse the GuidelinesThe Editorial Guidelines are the BBC’s editorial values and standards. They apply to all our content, wherever and however it is received.

What is BBC editorial policy?

If you are making programmes or other content for the BBC, either in house or for an Independent company the Editorial Policy team are available to offer advice on how to interpret and work within the Editorial Guidelines. The earlier potentially contentious content is referred the better.

What are BBC guidelines?

The BBC Editorial Guidelines are the BBC’s own code of conduct and standards. All content that the BBC broadcasts or publishes is expected to keep to them. You can complain to the BBC about any published or broadcast content that you believe breaches the Editorial Guidelines.

What is editorial guideline?

What are editorial guidelines? Editorial guidelines are simply a set of rules that dictate the style, structure, and strategy for an organization’s brand and branding consistency when creating content.

How do you write an editorial style guide?

Creating Your Own Editorial Style Guide

  1. Start With a Solid Base.
  2. Establish Brand Voice and Set the Tone.
  3. Remember the Big Three: Tense, Voice, and Point of View.
  4. Establish Standard Formatting.
  5. Define Image Requirements.
  6. Incorporate Standards of Performance.

What are the values of the BBC?

BBC Values

  • Trust is the foundation of the BBC. We’re independent, impartial and honest.
  • We put audiences at the heart of everything we do.
  • We respect each other and celebrate our diversity.
  • We take pride in delivering quality and value for money.
  • Creativity is the lifeblood of our organisation.
  • We’re one BBC.

How do I contact the BBC with a question?

BBC News is providing extensive coverage and information about the pandemic and answering common questions (you can get in touch by emailing [email protected] or using the hashtag #BBCYourQuestions on Twitter).

What is the BBC address?

Portland Place, London
BBC Broadcasting House (Portland Place, London W1A)

How many BBC complaints are there?

Whereas in the 2019-20 financial year they received 34,545 complaints from members of the public about alleged breaches of the broadcasting code, during 2020-21 it had more than 145,000 complaints – and these figures exclude BBC content.

What are commonly found in editorial guidelines?

There are six main sections that you should include in your editorial style guide: editing process, writing rules, types of content, style, strategy, and visuals.

What are the editorial guidelines of the BBC?

The Editorial Guidelines are the BBC’s values and standards. They apply to all our content, wherever and however it is received. Print the Guidelines in English.

Why are there guidelines for advertising on the BBC?

1.2 These guidelines have been written to protect the BBC’s global reputation and ensure our editorial integrity and independence are maintained. They set out the types of advertising and sponsorship relationships that are acceptable around the BBC brand.

Who is the editor in chief of the BBC?

The Executive Complaints Unit’s decisions are subject to review by the Director-General, as the BBC’s editor-in-chief. Where the Executive Complaints Unit identifies a serious breach of the editorial standards set out in these Guidelines, its finding will normally be published on the BBC complaints website.

Who is the director of editorial policy and standards?

The Director Editorial Policy and Standards is David Jordan. Some editorial policy issues must be referred to him. Some other editorial policy issues must be referred to Chief Adviser Politics (Ric Bailey).