Does Beeman make real guns?

Does Beeman make real guns?

KG is a German manufacturer of target and sporting air rifles, air pistols, cartridge rifles and pistols. In North America, they are often distributed under the Beeman brand name.

How much is a Beeman?

Beeman specializes in precision air rifles for both beginner and expert shooters. There are Beeman air rifles for every budget, with Sportsman Series air rifles starting at only $59.99. Beeman air rifles are available in several styles including break barrel rifles and PCP rifles.

Is the Beeman commander regulated?

Beeman is claiming up to 100 shots per fill, although this is not a regulated air rifle, so expect some significant FPS changes through those 100 shots.

Where are Beeman airguns made?

The Beeman pellets come in all shapes such as the domed, pointed, wadcutter and hollow point. and are manufactured by Haendler & Natermann of Germany. Haendler & Natermann have been making top quality airgun pellets for over 60 years and their offerings continue to change with the new airguns available.

What kind of gun is the Beeman P1?

The Beeman P1 is a unique combination of Beeman airgun experience and design with the assistance of our German partners engineering and manufacturing skills. The result is a blend of two cultures to make one of the most popular adult air pistols ever produced.

Which is an example of a Beeman air pistol?

Beeman air guns come in a wide range of powers, offering models that shoot pellets from 400 to more than 600 feet per second. Examples are their Beeman P1 air pistol and their Beeman R9.

Is there a warrantee on the Beeman P1?

The Beeman P1 I purchased came with a lifetime warrantee, but has never had an issue. The Weihrauch HW 75 has a one year warrantee, so does the P1 currently available. Read this for the history:

What’s the difference between a Beeman 0.22 and 0.20?

A 0.22 has pellets or BBs that are bigger and can have a larger impact on the object you are shooting. A 0.20 provides a hybrid of the other two options. What power air pistols does Beeman offer?