How big is a 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

How big is a 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

A 16-gauge double weighing 6¼ pounds, with 30-inch barrels, is the kind of upland gun that grouse and woodcock hunters rhapsodize about (or bobwhite quail and dove hunters, for that matter). You can carry it all day and hardly feel it, then shoot a hundred rounds and be ready for more.

Where can I find 16 gauge shotgun shells?

Finding 16 Gauge Shells. RST, the boutique ammunition company that supplies lovely, light loads in all different gauges and case lengths to keep old guns shooting and provide comfortable shooting even for new guns, makes 16-gauge ammunition to suit any gun ever made.

What to look for in a double barrel shotgun?

Go over the gun with a fine-tooth comb. Make certain it looks well manufactured — the machining is smooth, removable chokes fit properly, each barrel fires and there are no flaws in the stock. A good warranty isn’t a bad thing to have backing up the gun either.

Why was the 16 gauge shotgun so popular?

As we have already noted, on paper, the 16 is the perfect shotgun, the right size load creating the optimum shot column for delivering the perfect pattern from a gun weighing exactly six pounds. So What Went Wrong? In Europe, nothing. There, the 16 is still very popular and was widely used in making combination guns like drillings.

How much does a 16 gauge lead ball weigh?

A 16-gauge lead ball weighs exactly an ounce. An ounce of shot in a true 16-gauge bore creates a shot column of perfect dimensions for a good pattern. In the United States, in the early years of the twentieth century, the 16 was known as the “gentleman’s gauge.”

Why did the 16 gauge shotgun go out of style?

In the United States, the 16’s loss of popularity is generally blamed on the originators of skeet. When the rules for skeet were drawn up, in 1926, it was decreed that the game would be officially shot with four gauges—12, 20, 28, and .410—and that left the 16 an orphan.

When did the 16 gauge shotgun become an orphan?

When the rules for skeet were drawn up, in 1926, it was decreed that the game would be officially shot with four gauges—12, 20, 28, and .410—and that left the 16 an orphan. You might think this would have had a minimal effect, but the course of events went roughly as follows.

Who are the manufacturers of 16 gauge shotguns?

Manufacturers such as L.C. Smith, Parker, Ithaca, A.H. Fox and others crafted beautiful 16-gauge side-by-sides. They were sleek, balanced and — at little more than six pounds — they were well-suited for lengthy carry and the snap-style shooting required of grouse, woodcock and quail.

Why did the 16 gauge shotgun go out of fashion?

As skeet shooting grew in popularity — along with trap, a 12-gauge-only affair — the 16-gauge took a backseat in manufacturers’ research and development. The 16-gauge shell saw less innovation, and hulls and reloading components likewise grew inferior.

How long does it take to process a 16 gauge shotgun?

16 Gauge, 28″, 2.75″, Over/Under, Turkish Walnut Stock, Matte Black Fini… With the current industry-wide climate, please allow for 5-7 days of processing time before shipment. Please contact us for special order item lead times.

What’s the serial number on an old ranger shotgun?

Side by side double barrel with double triggers. For end wood and metal stamped with serial number, as is the stock. Post subject: Re: Old Ranger shotgun. What year is it???

Is there a noble side by side 12 gauge shotgun?

Noble Box Lock Side by Side 12 Gauge Shotgun: Noble Box Lock Side by Side 12 Gauge Shotgun: Included in this lot is a Noble “Box Lock” side by side 12 gauge shotgun. This 12 gauge side by side was

What’s the difference between a 12 gauge and a 16 gauge?

Trap, of course, is a 12-gauge game. Skeet spread rapidly, and soon manufacturers were making guns and ammunition tailored to its requirements. The 16-gauge (center) compared to the 12- (left) and the 20-gauge.

Who was the inventor of the 16 gauge shotgun?

Nonetheless, according to Cartridges of the World, 13 th Ed., “In 1866, a rebated-reloadable-steel, 16-gauge shell was patented by Thomas L Sturtevant. Revolving magazine four-shot guns chambered for this shell were offered by the Roper Sporting Arms Company, until the 1880s.”

Why are 16 gauge guns on the comeback?

The increased demand resulted in a new supply of ammunition choices to feed the growing hunger to fill the many 16 gauges getting pulled out of the back of the closet. A year or two ago, hunters would be lucky to find a box of 16-gauge upland loads on store shelves.

Are there any great American double barrel shotguns?

They might not be as well-known as some European manufacturers, but there were a number of great American double-barrel shotgun makers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These guns remain highly collectible, and many are also fine shooters. The All-American double shotguns: Parker Guns; A.H. Fox Guns; Lefever Guns; L.C. Smith Guns

What’s the price of a 16 gauge gun?

Smaller gauges progressively cost more, with 20-gauge guns generally bringing at least twice the price of a 12 gauge. Sixteen-gauge guns generally fall somewhere in between. Guns chambered for . 410 and 28 gauge bring a premium.

How much does a 12 gauge shotgun cost?

Could be $100 for a junky Grade 1 12-gauge to likely into five figures for a mint condition Grade 7 16-gauge. While it certainly exciting to have something old, an antique even – and an inheritance is something to be especially proud of owning – not every older gun carries a high value.

What kind of shotgun is a double barrel?

A 12 gauge Francotte double barrel shotgun Serial A 12 gauge Francotte double barrel shotgun Serial no. 86322, 12 gauge. 28 inch barrels marked Von Lengerke & Detmold/U.S. Agents New York. Concave, HAMILTON DOUBLE BARRELL SHOTGUN.

Can you shoot a double barrel shotgun, with two triggers?

You are unlikely to hit your target. The one thing other answerers have not commented on- in some cases it actually WILL damage the gun. The standing breech of a side by side double is designed to take the bending moment created by ONE barrel firing; obviously there is some safety factor built in.

Is it possible for a 12 gauge shotgun to explode?

The only time I’ve hered of a shotgun exploding is where a 20 gauge shell gets mixed up and put into a 12 gauge. The 20 gauge shell slides out of the chamber into the barrel of the shotgun. If a 12 gauge round is placed in the chamber and fired it can cuase the chamber to exploded.

Where was the first Hunter 12 gauge gun made?

Collector interest is mainly with the earlier models. Attached is a sampling of estimated values for the early hammerless guns made in Fulton, New York, by Hunter Arms from 1913 to 1950. Values shown are for 12-gauge guns.

What are the premiums on a 16 gauge rifle?

Add 25 to 50 percent for 16 gauge, 50 to 75 percent for 20, 200 percent for .410 bore (field grade), 300 to 600 percent for .410 higher grades. Other premiums are expected for special features such as single selective trigger]

Which is easier to buy, a 12 gauge or a 16 gauge?

But for the average shooter or hunter, it’s far easier and less costly to purchase the easier-to-find and inexpensive 12- and 20-gauge shotguns and ammunition than it is to get 16-gauge items. In fact, 16-gauge shells are typically twice as expensive.

What’s the best double barrel shotgun to buy?

AYA SXS 12 Gauge Shotgun Spanish made double with 26” barrels choked improved cylinder and modified. Bore are excellent. Has auto ejectors. Has some field wear, otherwise very good condition. L.C. Smith No. 3E 12 Gauge shotgun. Model 3E with auto ejectors and No 3 engraving. Cameo scenes of quail on both sides.