How big is the barrel of a Colt 32 WCF?

How big is the barrel of a Colt 32 WCF?

Colt 1st Generation SAA Single Action Army c. 1906, .32 WCF, 4.75″ Barrel, Nickel, with Vintage… This is a 1906 (serial #284100) Colt Single Action Army revolver, in .32 WCF, with 4.75″ barrel, all matching numbers and remaining original nickel finish.

How much does a 32 W C F revolver cost?

$ 265. “This 32 W.C.F. (32-20) Colt Bisley Model revolver is circa 1912, the year that the Bisley Model was discontinued. The 4.75″” barrel has a fine bore with frosting in the grooves. The ba …Click for more info

What was the serial number of the 1895 Colt pistol?

Colt Model 1895 U.S. Navy 1902 Contract Serial Number 191324 – Butt of pistol marked U.S.N., anchor, .38 DA, triangle with a “B”, No. 14065, J.A.B. 191324. Colt Model 1895 U.S. Navy 1902 Contract Serial Number 191324 – Star with “I” marking on cylinder release along with assembler’s mark “1335”.

When did the Colt 32 police revolver come out?

Colt Police Positive First Issue .32 New Police revolver, dated to 1917. This revolver features a rich blued steel frame construction, with checkered hard rubber grip panels, and both double and singl …Click for more info NEW THIS WEEK!

When did the Colt 32 20 come out?

Markings are clear and sharp… (read more) This Colt Single Action Army revolver was shipped from the factory on November 1, 1907, to Sears Roebuck & Company, Chicago, Illinois, with four other guns. It has a 5.5” barrel, o… (read more)

Is the Colt 32 / 20 chambered in wood?

This Colt Bisley was special ordered with factory wood grips and is chambered in 32/20 (.32 WCF). It retains most of its original case colors. This gun is one of the finest guns we… (read more) Shipped July 11, 1901 to Wyeth Hdw. & Mfg. in St. Joseph, MO.. Good condition and mechanically very good and locks up tight. A shooter and collectable.

When did the Colt Army Special come out?

The Colt Army Special is a double action, six round revolver. They were built from 1908-1927. The Army Special started life as the New Army & New Navy and would evolve into the Official Police in 1927. It was available in 4″, 5″ and 6″ barrel lengths. Available calibers were 22LR, .32-20, .38 Special, .38/200 and .41 long Colt.