How good is a 7 mm Remington Mag?

How good is a 7 mm Remington Mag?

The 7mm Remington Magnum offers ballistics better than the . 30-06 Springfield with all available bullet weights, one of the more popular loads being a 160 grain spitzer loaded to 3,000 ft/s (910 m/s). 284 bullet, an increased weight that requires 15-20% more muzzle energy to get the same muzzle velocity).

Is a 7mm Rem Mag a good gun for brown bear?

The vast majority of 7mm Mag loads shoot bullets in the 139-175 grain range. When using quality bullets and with good shot placement, both the 7mm Rem Mag and . 300 Win Mag are excellent for hunting black, brown, and grizzly bear at all practical hunting ranges.

Will 7mm Rem Mag kill a bear?

Your 7mm mag is more than enough for black bear and is sufficient for brown bear. Most states list 243 as the minimum caliber to hunt black bear with and I know it will do the job. I’ve seen several that were killed with 243’s, .

How big is an a bolt medallion Browning?

$699.99 – $872 MSRP Item Number 035002209 UPC 023614633327 Action Length Short Action Caliber 22-250 Rem Barrel Length 22″ Overall Length 41 3/4″ Length of Pull 13 5/8″ Drop at Comb 5/8″ Drop at Heel 1/2″ Weight 6 lbs 7 oz

How big is a Browning bolt action rifle?

This Browning Model A-Bolt is a right hand bolt action rifle in 7mm-08 Rem. Cal. Only. It has a 20 inch barrel. It is outfitted with a Leupold VX-I 2-7x33mm Scope. No iron sights.&nb …Click for more info MADE IN JAPAN IN 1986. 24” BARREL. INCLUDES TASCO 3-9X40 SCOPE WITH WEAVER MOUNTS. PLEASE ADD $40 FOR SHIPPING.

What kind of rifle is the Browning a bolt 22?

Browning A-Bolt 22 LR. Like New In Box AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT OUR ON-LINE STORE The A-Bolt Rifle is a bolt-action rifle designed by the American Browning Arms Company …Click for more info

What does the name Medallion mean on a Browning rifle?

Still a classic in every way. In the world of Browning, the name “Medallion” is not tossed around lightly. Medallion means beauty, strength, and function. The A- Bolt Medallion epitomizes this idea offering a beautiful rifle with high gloss Walnut and bluing in a package with a super strong and accurate action.