How much is a Colt Anaconda pistol worth?

How much is a Colt Anaconda pistol worth?

A COLT ANACONDA pistol is currently worth an average price of $2,101.57 new and $2,025.65 used .

Does Colt Python have a safety?

The safety introduces a positive barrier in front of the hammer. Another function of the safety is to lock the cylinder latch when the hammer is cocked lo prevent any cylinder movement; in this way the cylinder cannot be moved out of or into the revolver frame. …

What ammo does a Colt Anaconda use?

Colt Anaconda
Barrel length 4 inch barrel (102 mm) 6 inch barrel (153 mm) 8 inch barrel (203 mm)
Cartridge .44 Special .44 Magnum .45 Colt
Action Double-action
Feed system Six round cylinder

What kind of ammunition does the Colt Anaconda use?

Chambered for the powerful .44 Magnum and .45 Colt centerfire ammunition cartridges, the Anaconda marked the Hartford, Connecticut firm’s first foray into the popular large- bore Magnum pistol market.

When does the new Colt Anaconda revolver come out?

Colt on Monday announced they have reached back into the vault for a new installment in their vaunted .44 Magnum Anaconda series of wheelguns. An oversized redesign based on their new Python action with a beefier frame, the 2021 Anaconda will be available in both 6- and 8-inch barrel formats.

Is the Colt Anaconda too big for concealed carry?

Anaconda revolvers were primarily marketed for sport enthusiast shooters and hunters, as they are too large for law enforcement general duty use or concealed-carry, although made-to-order limited production versions of the gun continued to be available from the Colt custom gun shop until approximately 2003.

Who is the product director for the Colt Anaconda?

“The Anaconda is a legendary piece of the Snake Gun series and fills a unique space in the revolver market,” said Justin Baldini, Product Director at Colt. “Our team was dedicated to making this revival worthy of the Colt name while serving the needs of today’s gun owner.”