How much is a Iver Johnson revolver worth?

How much is a Iver Johnson revolver worth?

What is an IVER JOHNSON pistol Worth? AN IVER JOHNSON pistol is currently worth an average price of $857.25 new and $247.53 used .

When did Iver Johnson go out of business?

The name was resold, and in 2006, Iver Johnson Arms opened, but does not manufacture parts or provide information relating to the pre-1993 company, representing a continuation of it in name only….Iver Johnson.

Type Private
Predecessor Johnson Bye & Company
Founded 1871
Founder Iver Johnson and Martin Bye
Defunct 1993

What’s the serial number on an Iver Johnson 38?

I own two Iver Johnson 38 S&W caliber break top revolvers and need help determining the date of manufacturing: Both have 3 1/2″ barrels and flat ( not coil springs) The first one is serial number G33166. The second one is G75985. Thanks!

What kind of gun does Iver Johnson make?

It is perhaps best known as a major manufacturer of inexpensive but serviceable pocket-size revolvers in .22 rimfire, .32 S&W, and .38 S&W calibers, serving the same sizable market niche as Hopkins & Allen and Harrington & Richardson in the late-19th through mid-20th centuries.

Is there a history of Iver Johnson available?

There’s at least one history of Iver Johnson, by Joe Vorisek, that’s still available from Cornell Publications, and will have some serial number information for rough dating, maybe. I think there’s a hardcover history of Johnson as well, also long out of print.

Where is the safety pin on an Iver Johnson?

This explains why accidental discharge is impossible with the IVER JOHNSON SAFETY AUTOMATIC REVOLVER FIG. 1 Shows position of hammer, patent safety lever and firing-pin when not in use. Note the firing-pin and hammer do not touch, but—