How much is a M1A Scout?

How much is a M1A Scout?

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PRICE $1,729.99
Sights National Match Post Front & Adjustable Standard Aperture Rear / Scout Mount Weaver Style Rail
Weight 8.8lbs
Action Semi Automatic
Cartridge 308 Winchester

Is the M1A Scout worth it?

In short, the gun is exactly as accurate as you are. The M1A is a true thing of beauty. It’s durable, accurate, and reliable — exactly what you want in a rifle, no matter where you are. It’ll look great as part of your collection, but it’ll perform as part of your life.

How accurate is the M1A Scout Squad?

The M1A’s accuracy was excellent. Shooting under time pressure out to 200 yards, the Scout Squad was quick, precise and powerful. Even at extended distances of 400 yards and more, the rifle was more than capable of easily making the hits.

Can you suppress an M1A?

The M1A line was never designed from the factory to be suppressed. The gas system is fixed and non-adjustable, and the muzzle threads — or lack thereof — are not standard 5/8×24, which is what is needed for most muzzle devices. When properly adjusted, the M1A rifle can reliably run a full-size sound suppressor.

Are M1A rifles accurate?

Re: M1A ACCURACY EXPECTATION? They are generally more accurate the the FAL or HK 91. You should get 1-2″ 5 shot 100 yard groups with Federal 168 grain SMK match ammo or the equivilent hand loads. 2-3″ with good surplus like Portugese.

What is the most accurate M1A?

The National Match variant is slightly upgraded to be a bit more accurate. U.S.A. –-( The Springfield Armory National Match M1A has been the gold standard of accurate autoloading rifles for quite some time before the . 308 ARs stole the crown and beat the M1A into submission with said crown.

How far can a M1A shoot?

Dickinson wrote in rec. guns: Hello group, The M1A does great at the 600 yd range but starts to get somewhat iffy at the 1000 yd range.

Can you hunt with M1A?

The M1A is a decent hunting rifle.

Can you put a suppressor on a m1 Garand?

The Garand is pretty ammo sensitive (as in fragile). Installing a suppressor typically makes gas operated rifles cycle a bit more energetically. This might not be a good thing to do.

What kind of rifle is the M1A scout squad?

The M1A Scout Squad, an 18″-barreled version with a forward scope mount rail, is one of those interesting versions, and I recently had a chance to try one out for myself. The first thing you’ll notice out of the box is that the M1A is a beautiful weapon.

Is the M1A scout squad worth the hype?

No matter how pretty the M1A Scout Squad might be, the real test is in the performance. I ran it through its paces over a deer season and a several shooting sessions — one of which was in a snowstorm — and it was nothing short of phenomenal. The Scout’s muzzle is topped off with a highly effective muzzle brake.

How many rounds does a Springfield M1A hold?

Combining the latest in craftsmanship technique and the level of quality you’ve come to expect from a Springfield rifle, the M1A holds 10 rounds of 7.62×51 NATO/.308 WIN, packing enough punch to take down whatever you’re shooting at. How Does It Shoot? No matter how pretty the M1A Scout Squad might be, the real test is in the performance.

Is the M14 the same as the M1A?

The M1A is a civilian-legal semi-auto rifle inspired by the U.S. Military’s M14 rifle. In 1974, the civilian legal variant of the M14 — dubbed the M1A — was made available to the public by Springfield Armory of Geneseo, Ill.