How much is a used 12 gauge worth?

How much is a used 12 gauge worth?

A 12 A shotgun is currently worth an average price of $1,121.01 new and $674.01 used .

What is the average price of a 12-gauge?

You can get a good pump 12-gauge for about $250, or you can pay thousands of dollars for one. As of 2019, Cabella’s has a large range of shotguns. There are numerous single-shot shotguns you can get from Cheaper Than Dirt for $104-$150.

Can I buy a 12-gauge online?

Shop for 12 Gauge Shotguns online at Find the 12-Gauge shotguns you’re looking for right here at, the world’s largest online auction site dedicated to firearms, hunting, shooting and accessories.

What’s the serial number on a Browning 20 gauge?

Browning 20-gauge Lighting grade 1 top leverBrowning 20-gauge Lighting grade 1 top lever over-and-under shotgun circa 1959 serial number 16254; marked ”BROWNING ARMS CO. ST. LOUIS & MATERIAL P.O.

Is the Browning A5 light 12 gauge good?

Browning A5 Light Twelve shotgun in good shape. This Browning feature a round knob grip and a long tang. This has heavy wear on the wood furniture and minor bluing damage. SN: 0G23426 12 Gauge …Click for more info

What was the first semi automatic Browning shotgun?

Browning (St. Louis MO) ~ A5 Light Twelve ~ 12 GA. This A5 Light Tweve remains in very good very good original condition and dates to 1954. John Brownings shotgun was the first successful semi-automatic shotgun design. Wood is solid showing no cracks …Click for more info Very good shape overall.

Where was the light 12 Browning Belgium made?

Serial # 107NW20877 This rifle was made in Belgium and is chambered for the 7mm Remington magnum cartridge. **Belgium Browning Model A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun. Serial **Belgium Browning Model A-5 Semi-Auto Shotgun. Serial # 12791 This shotgun was manufactured in 1953. It is a 12 gauge with a 30″ solid rib, full choke,