How to disassemble a Benjamin model 132 pistol?

How to disassemble a Benjamin model 132 pistol?

Benjamin Model 132 Pistol Disassembly, Part 1 Happy New Year! I finally had a bit of time to buckle down and tear apart some airguns. I picked up the lower pistol, a later Benjamin 137 (.177 cal) earlier in the year. Unfortunately it works fine.

How to repair a Benjamin airgun airgun?

Remove the trigger guard screw and take off the rear part of the stock. Remove the pins and screws that contain the retention cap at the back of the airgun’s receiver. Get the right kit for your model. Take off the guide pin, spring and hammer so you can get a look at the compression tube.

Where do I find the model 137 airgun?

The 137 has the model info on the right side. The later pistol’s barrel seems to protrude beyond the muzzle plug, where the earlier’s is flush. Enough of such mundane matters, on to the fun stuff!

What do I need to reassemble a Benjamin rifle?

Apply air tool oil to all moving parts and reassemble the rifle. Andrew Latham has worked as a professional copywriter since 2005 and is the owner of LanguageVox, a Spanish and English language services provider. His work has been published in “Property News” and on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website, SFGate.

What kind of piston does a Benjamin trail air rifle use?

Replacement Crosman Nitro Piston * Fits Benjamin Trail and Crosman Nitro Venom air rifles Crosman .22-caliber steel breech kit and LPA rear sight * Crosman .22-cal. steel breech kit Replacement Probe, 1/8 BSPP, Fits Shinsung/Career, Sumatra & Seneca Rifles * 1/8 BSPP…

What can I use to replace a Benjamin Marauder air rifle?

Complete fill assembly for Benjamin Marauder air rifles. The male foster fill and internals are mac.. Benjamin Marauder Gauge Adapter is a replacement for Benjamin Marauder air rifles.

How to reseal a Benjamin Discovery Air Rifle?

This kit includes two sets of the seals most required to reseal a Benjamin Discovery air rifle. This.. Adapter for those who want to attach any moderator with UNF threads onto their Benjamin discovery an.. This kit includes two sets of the seals most required to reseal a Benjamin Marauder air rifle. ..

Do you need a seal kit for a Benjamin 130 airgun?

Seal kit for Benjamin 130, 132, and 137 Air Guns. Contains all required parts needed to reseal this airgun, an exploded drawing and tube of oil. Beware of lesser quality seal kits! Our seal kits are guaranteed to work.