Is 38 SW obsolete?

Is 38 SW obsolete?

All have now been discontinued, the Terrier and . 38 Regulation police in 1974, the . 32 HE in 1976 and the . 32 Regulation Police in 1991.

What is the difference between 38 SW and 38 special?

What’s the difference? 38 S&W is shorter and fatter than 38 S&W Special (just about everyone just calls it 38 Special). They are NOT interchangeable. A 38 S&W will not fit in the hole of a 38 Special, and a 38 Special is too long for the cylinder of a 38 S&W.

Will firearms become obsolete?

Right now, firearm technology is pretty much on a plateau. While significant improvements are possible (guided projectiles, caseless ammo, advanced optics, etc.) they will probably still continue to be guns in the sense of projectiles driven by an explosion of gunpowder for quite some time.

Why is 38 special so expensive?

Purely supply and demand. Similar to why 28 gauge ammo costs almost twice what a 12 gauge load does. Makers don’t make as much so unit costs are higher. Add in that they probably only make one production run per year.

What’s the price of a Smith and Wesson 38?

Smith & Wesson Model 637 Compact Revolver 38 Special 38SPL 2″ 163050 S&W NR 022188630503 2 inch ” barrel PRICE: $435.00 MANUFACTURER: Smith & Wesson

Are there any.38 Special caliber revolvers for sale?

S&W 36 IN .38 SPECIAL CAL., WITH 2″ BARREL. COLOR NICKEL. CONDITION 95%. SERIAL NUMBER 182217. S&W MODEL 36 IN .38 SPECIAL CALIBER, BRIGHT SHINY BORE, GRIP VERY GOOD TO EXCELLENT, 95% OVE …Click for more info This NEW IN THE BOX Taurus model 856 is a six shot .38 Spl. Cal. revolver with a 3″ barrel. $425.00. rmgrigolettoyahoo 732 280 8750. …

Is the Smith and Wesson Model 36 chambered in 38 Spl?

Smith & Wesson Model 36 chambered in 38 SPL with a 3 inch barrel bright & shiny bore and box. This gun is in excellent condition and is covered by Dury’s Lifetime Warranty. WE BU …Click for more info

Is the Smith and Wesson Model 38 Bodyguard double action?

Smith and Wesson S&W Model 38 Bodyguard Airweight .38 Special, double-action revolver built on the shrouded hammer alloy J frame with 3-screws, 5-shot fluted steel cylinder, 2-inch steel …Click for more info