Is the Browning a bolt a good rifle?

Is the Browning a bolt a good rifle?

WOW, I’ve had a Browning A Bolt ll in 7mm Rem mag & 300 Win mag. Both with their tunable BOSS Brakes. The best off the rack rifles I’ve ever owned. Both never performed anything less than flawlessly & were absolute tack drivers.

Can a Browning MAG move the bullet back?

The Browning mags are short and recoil can move the bullets back in case. I know it’s rare with factory but it can happen and it can change the dynamics of the shot. Here are some related products that LRH members are talking about.

Which is better the Remington or the Browning?

The Remington may have a slight edge in terms of durability, but the Browning’s accuracy is easily better. After shooting each of these rifles, I felt that the Browning handled better, but I can see why people might prefer the Remmy.

What’s the bolt angle on an a bolt rifle?

The A-Bolt rifle is a bolt-action rifle with a short-lift bolt angle of 60 degrees.

The A-Bolt’s recoil was less with the .270 Winchester Short Magnum than many .270 Winchesters that I have shot over the years. Accuracy with a handful of factory loads in the Browning A-Bolt Medallion ranged from marginally acceptable to quite accurate.

What was the velocity of a 270 Winchester?

The original.270 Winchester load shot a 130 grain bullet at a blazing fast velocity (for 1925 anyway) of 3,140 feet per second (2,846 ft-lbs of energy). Though the.270 Winchester was not an immediate success, American hunters appreciated the flat shooting characteristics of the round and the fact that it was so effective on thin skinned game.

What kind of primer to use on 270 WSM?

Every 270 wsm barrel I’ve had ran on Federal 210 or BR2 primers, no need for Magnum primers. I do primer tests and the regular rifle primers always shot best for me in my barrels. The last two barrels were shooting 150gr VLD and Retumbo or RL26. Since RL26 is effectively extinct you could try RL25, IMR8133, or even H1000.

Where did the Browning bolt gun come from?

In those days Browning bolt guns were built in Belgium by Fabrique Nationale, and two basic actions were used: the FN Mauser for long cartridges and the Sako action for cartridges of medium and short lengths. Those early High Powers, as Browning called them, were fine rifles.