Is the Cyrus 8 DAC a standalone AMP?

Is the Cyrus 8 DAC a standalone AMP?

The name of the product is a little misleading, though. It’s not a standalone DAC as the name suggests – it’s an integrated amp with a built-in DAC. The 8 DAC is everything that you would want from a Cyrus: clear and precise.

Do you need a signature for Cyrus DAC XP?

For the ultimate Classic Cyrus system partner your DAC XP Signature with a CD Xt Signature or Stream X Signature and two Mono X 300 Signatures. Need support?

Which is the highest performing DAC in the market?

The 8 2 DAC QXR is our highest performing integrated amplifier. With a complete set of digital and analogue inputs, you can connect virtually any source and output directly to your speakers. The powerful amplifier has an instantly impressive ‘grip’ on even large loudspeakers.

How does a DAC work with a CD XT?

The DAC is able to measure the precision of incoming digital sources and treat them accordingly. This means that high accuracy sources like the CD Xt Signature are digitally re-clocked by a close tolerance circuit with triple quartz references.