Is the Orrville public library accessible to the public?

Is the Orrville public library accessible to the public?

The library building will be accessible for picking up holds, browsing the collection, checking out materials, public computer access, and printing. Here is the information for the “Imagine Your Story” Summer Reading Program.

How to get a dog license in Orrville?

Visit our YouTube Page or contact the library at 330-683-1065. Stop by the library to get your dog’s ticket home. We are once again a satellite location for you to purchase your 2021 dog license. The cost is $16 per dog. We accept cash and checks.

What makes Orrville Ohio a great place to live?

THE CITY OF ORRVILLE’S DISTINCTIVE QUALITY OF LIFE IS EXEMPLIFIED BY ITS SENSE OF COMMUNITY, FAITH, EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, AND PRIDE. No other small city in the world is quite like Orrville, Ohio. Our particular blending of geography, history, and human personality creates a unique community that can’t be found anywhere else.

How to contact the staff at orrvilla retirement community?

OrrVilla staff are available to assist you as you consider these important changes in your life. Please contact us at 330-683-4455 if we can be of help to you and your family. We invite you to consider joining friends who have discovered the joys of living at OrrVilla!

Where is the city of Orrville Ohio located?

Orrville is 11 miles northeast of Wooster, on State Route 57 which joins Route 30 at its terminus three miles south of here at Riceland. The City is second in size in Wayne County. The lowlands through which Burton City Road runs were called Dismal Swamp. Wild potatoes grew there in great abundance during the first half of the last century.

When was the town hall in Orrville built?

The first significant structure to serve the government functions of Orrville was constructed at 207 North Main Street in 1882. The Orrville Town Hall and Opera House was in use until condemned in 1928 because of structural problems.

Where was the National House in Orrville Ohio?

One of the old landmarks of Orrville was the National House. The site was purchased from the late William Orr by Peter Everly who operated the hotel for many years. This hotel was located at the end of East Pine Street beyond the railroad warehouse.

What was the first business in Orrville Ohio?

Orrville’s first factory, a pottery, was established in 1862 and was located on West Market Street. In the year 1867, a planing mill was in operation and other early industries were a tile plant, a tannery, a burial case company, a milling company, and a machine company.