Is Winchester Model 12 A good gun?

Is Winchester Model 12 A good gun?

The internal parts of the Model 12 action were all hand-fitted and machined to precise specifications. This gave the Model 12 its reputation for a smooth action with excellent reliability, and it’s the primary reason why so many of these guns still work and see the fields today.

When was the Winchester Model 12 made?

1912 to
An internal hammer shotgun with an external tubular magazine, Winchester produced the Model 12 from 1912 to 1964, a 51-year production life. Nearly two million shotguns were manufactured during that period in various grades, barrel lengths, and chamberings. A special production occurred in 2006 with limited numbers.

What is a Winchester Model 12 gauge?

The Winchester Model 1912 (also commonly known as the Model 12, or M12) is an internal-hammer pump-action shotgun with an external tube magazine. Popularly named the Perfect Repeater at its introduction, it largely set the standard for pump action shotguns over its 51-year high-rate production life.

When did the Winchester Model 12 model come out?

From its debut until the end of the 1950’s, the Winchester Model 1912 was thepump shotgun, long known as “the perfect repeater.” After 1919, the model designation was shortened to “Model 12,” but the gun remained the same.

What kind of Winchester 12 gauge shotgun is there?

Winchester Model 50 12 Gauge with Pad 13 3/4 LOP, Nice shooter, Steel, MFG 1956, 30″ Barrel – 12 GA BuyItNow! Winchester Model 97 Trench Gun w/ Bayonet – 12 GA BuyItNow!

Who was the designer of the Winchester Model 1912 shotgun?

Description. The Model 1912 (shortened to Model 12 in 1919) was the next step from the Winchester Model 1897 hammer-fired shotgun, which in turn had evolved from the earlier Winchester Model 1893 shotgun. The Model 12 was designed by Winchester engineer T.C. Johnson, and was based in part on the M1893/97 design by John M.

What kind of Winchester Pumpgun do I have?

I have a 1935 Model 12 12 gauge and a 1920 Model 12 in 16 gauge that belonged to my Grandfather. Both are fantastic shooters. I also have a near mint 1952 Model 42 (410 ga) with the factory skeet rib. I am a VERY big fan of this design and think it is the best pumpgun ever made.